Jesuit and Jefferson WIll link up in January.

Florida – The 2020 high school football season is coming to a close. With the conclusion of the padded season, starts the evaluation season. The BCP camp circuit will consist of two non-padded evaluation camps. Small Skill in January. Big Skill and Linemen in February. Register HERE!

We want college coaches to start noticing the campers we are excited to see in the camp/training setting versus talent they do not see during the season. We want the promotion to start early in hopes college coaches are attracted to many of the same kids we are.

Take a look at our Twitter following to see the college coaches, evaluators, and high school sports publications that follow us. Watch the content we produce. All it takes is for one coach to like a player we have promoted. That player is noted, communication starts, camp invites are sent and hopefully, offers are extended.

We want those [College Coaches] to see something in the content we publish to make those same college coaches research more on the players we promote.

Today we drop two 2024 players who attracted our attention. Take a look at the WATCH LIST.

Luke Knight, Jesuit 2024 QB – Jesuit is doing pretty good at the QB position currently. Senior starter Joe Pesansky has thrown 25 touchdowns while leading the Tigers to an undefeated season so far. This sets up Freshman Luke Knight nicely. Luke has a different style. More mobile, a little more aggressive but throws the football just as well. We are expecting Luke to be a star in the off-season. We believe the Jesuit staff expects great things from Mr. Knight when it’s his turn. Keep an eye on this youngster at the start of the new calendar year.

Ladainian Ferrell, Jefferson 2024 WR – Jefferson is starting to load up again at the receiver position. Remember that crop with Chris Moore, Andre Davis, and company during the 2010 State championship run? Well…looks like the new Dragons will have that opportunity again if the 2024 class of WRs stays together. Ferrell has Natural hands. Can slip tackles. Can close cushions.