Jessie Britt Motivated To Succeed

Jesse Britt“I’m an outgoing and outspoken person. I’m always energetic and ready. As a player, I’m the type of player to get hyped up and ready to play before a game. The one that’s separated from everything and everyone to better focus on performance.” These are words from Auburndale junior 5-9 athlete, Jessie Britt.

Britt is a multi-faceted athlete with skills to play a few different positions. A continuous BCP camper and striving Auburndale Bloodhound. We classify Bitt as an “Offensive Weapon” same as Ray-Ray McCloud. A threat to score from any position on the field. We conducted a short Q&A with Britt. This is what he had to say…

What have you done that shows initiative and a willingness to work and improve?
JB: Doing push ups every night and a few speed drills here and there. I even went and got a gym membership to get stronger during the off season.

What new skills or capabilities have you developed over the last year?
JB: Some new skills and capabilities I’ve developed over the last year was confidence and patience. I use to doubt myself and when I didn’t get something in time or when everybody else got it I’d think it would never come. But now I know that I just have to be patient and things will fall into place .

What motivates you?
JB: What motivates me is my mom. She gets up every morning to work to support 6 kids by herself. I just sit and think every night and say  ‘I can’t take this anymore.’ I don’t want her to stress, so I feel obligated to make it so I can make her proud and in the end take care of her. Also seeing people I know get offers. At first I was down in the dumps about it and asking ‘Why not me?’ But now I’m just like for every offer and such, I have to work harder so I can have 2 for every 1 he gets.

What were the biggest pressures you had to deal with during the 2014 season?
JB: The biggest pressures I’ve had to deal with this past season was playing in the wing T . It fit our style as a team but it wasn’t me. So I had to adjust to it. I see myself as being more of a slot receiver and being bottled up in the wing T took some getting used to. But it turned out to be pretty good in the long run.