It’s Good to be the KING!

Chris Murray catches the tournament winning pass from QB, Greg Windham

NFL High School Player Development 7 on 7 Tournament

Tampa, FL – Tampa Catholic is down (I’m not even sure of the score) in a tight game to the King Lions. Around 17 seconds remain 1st down – incomplete. King can smell the win! 2nd down, the four second clock is ticking on TC QB, Chivarski Corbett and the King Lions have clamped down on the coverage. But just before the officials could signal sack, Corbett finds Justin Motlow all alone for what seemed to be the winning score. TC’s sideline erupts! But, if there is one second left, that is one second too many for Greg Windham to attack. With the ball snapped and the TC defense pushing for depth to stop the last second score. Windham looked right and came back left to find a streaking Chris Murray isolated against the TC corner…TD in the back left corner of the end zone. King Wins!

The top four teams from the tournament will advance to next Friday’s regional NFL HSPD tournament. Gaither, TC, Chamberlain and King all move on. King, TC and Gaither will all split their teams sending one to the HSPD regional’s and the other to the BHSN/BCP 9 route Tourney.

Hot Points:
King – The Champs
•Windham was the best QB on the field every time. He was money and made good decisions with the ball.
• TE, Kim Jackson played well all day making key receptions for the Lions
• Chris Murray and Taylor Gonzalez were a 2 man wrecking crew for the Lions.
• The Lions did a great job of stretching the field on offense and mixing in a good amount of short and intermediate plays.

Tampa Catholic – 2nd Place
•QB, Chivarski Corbett has improved as a passer and was on the money much of the tournament.
• Michael Clarke was the most dominate WR on the field every game. His 6-5 frame gave the defense fits. He ran good routes, out jumped defenders and protected the ball. Highly impressed.
• Zach Benjamin…Who!? He killed ‘em. All day long. Benjamin was a force that could not be stopped. Over and over he went OVER defenders. He ran solid intermediate routes and caught the ball extremely well.

Zach Benjamin, TC, WR

• Shug Oyegunle throws a great ball.
• Transfer Alex McGough will develop into a good player for the G-Men.
• The Gaither B team played very aggressive on defense and had a number of impressive stops.

• The Chief competed all day, eventually falling to the Lions in the Semi Finals.
• RB/CB, Xavier Johnson made plays on both sides of the ball.
• WR, David Persaud was another bright spot for the Chief as he made several acrobatic plays, coming down with some big time receptions
• The Chamberlain defense played fast at times showing life and competiveness.