Ignite LBs

Demetrius Dillard, King LB
Observations by BCP Ignite Coaching Staff

Jalen Butler, Plant City, ‘12 – Best physically looking OLB at the combine. Natural leader, tall, rangy OLB, fluid in pass drop/reaction drills covered a lot of ground with very little wasted movement or steps, great feet in agility drills, used hands extremely when removed vs. #2 (RB) in the slot and looked comfortable in space. D1 OLB.

Derrick Anderson, Plant City, ‘12 – Undersized LB (converted from DB) but very competitive, smooth in agility bags and pass drops, very good coverage in space vs. RB with proper leverage. Seems like a natural leader as he wanted to be near the front of every drill.

Demetrius Dillard, King, ‘12 – Undersized for LB, looks more like a DB, great coverage skills, used hands very well (jamming) when defending RBs in the slot, moved well in the agility and pass drop/reaction drills. Has tendency to let up slightly as the play extends longer than normal time.

Shadow Williams, Land O’ Lakes, ’12 – Very attentive player, with fluid hips and a quick first step.  Good size and is able to cover ground in his underneath drops.  Has the ability to be a D1 or D1AA LB.

Nigel Harris, Hillsborough, ’13 – Good size for LB, very fluid movement in agility and pass drop/reaction drills, better than average defender against RB in the slot. Projects well at the next level. Must eliminate extra step(s) when planting and driving on the ball.

Isaac Tanner, Freedom, ’13 – Good Frame, very shifty with good hips during agility and pass drop/reaction drills. Good defender against RB in the slot. Also projects well at the next level. Both you LBs will need to eliminate extra step(s) when planting and driving on the ball.