Mazzi Wilkins, Plant

“I only have so many chances to prove my ability and this weekend is a great opportunity to do that” – Mazzi Wilkins

Mazzi Wilkins, Plant
Mazzi Wilkins, Plant

Mazzi Wilkins is ready for his time to shine. The 6’1 160lb Plant cornerback is ready to step out of the shadows this year and into the spotlight as one of the preeminent players in the Bay area and he hopes to make a big impression on everyone in attendance at this weekend’s BCP Ignite Camp.

Question: What are your expectations going into the Ignite Camp this weekend?
Answer: I want to show the whole county what I have got to offer. I have not had many opportunities to shine like this and I want to make a big statement about the type of impact player I am. I only have so many chances to prove my ability and this weekend is a great opportunity to do that.

Q: Who are looking forward to matching up with at the camp?
A: I’m hungry and I am ready to lock up whoever they put in front of me. I want to go against the best players every time in one-on-ones.

Q: How is recruiting going so far?
A: I have an offer from USF and I am getting lots of mail from ACC and SEC schools.

Q: Do you currently have a school you would like to hear more from?
A: I am a big fan of Georgia. They have been really good to Plant players in the past and I would love to get an offer from them.

Q: Are you going to visit any colleges this summer?
A: Yes sir! Coach Weiner is going to take us to a bunch of different schools throughout the summer.

Q: How did you feel when Coach Weiner announced he was leaving?
A: It was real bitter-sweet. He had to make a grown man decision and I understand why he chose to leave. I was mad but happy for him at the same time. When I found out he was returning it was a huge relief. I have to work harder now to prove to him that he made the right choice coming back to Plant.

Q: Are you going to play exclusively at cornerback next year?
A: I am talking to Coach Weiner every day and trying to convince him to let me play some offense to. I want to play offense so I can be better at defense. I figure playing offense some will help me with my reads.

Q: What are your expectations for Plant next year?
A: I don’t want us to be just the Florida state champions I want us to be the national champions. We fell short of our goals last year and this year we have to prove ourselves all over again.