VALRICO, MAR. 15 2018- The Bloomingdale Bulls charged their way up the 7A standings this 2017 season, especially in the air. With a winning record of 7-4 and 5-1 in districts, there’s room for improvement to keep up with rival 7A top contenders like Braden River finishing at 10-2 or polished Tampa Bay Tech at 11-2.

But the Bulls are not shy of that goal. So, how good can they be you ask? Well for starters, you miss 100% of shots you don’t take, so putting that into perspective, Bloomingdale took some shots.

With an 89-yard long ball and 164 completions on 330 pass attempts, their sitting pretty at almost 50% of throws made with a .497 completion percentage, totaling 244.7 yards per game according to Maxpreps. Not to mention, 2695 receiving yards, 29 receiving touchdowns and a 91.6 QBR with 12 interceptions on the year.

Granted, the more chances you take down the field, the more risk for turnovers, so stacking up against the competition, Tampa Bay Tech tallied 130 completions on 245 attempts, a .531 completion percentage, 2181 receiving yards and 30 touchdowns, with 168 passing yards per game; tying things up with a QBR of 114.5.

Also from which the Bulls’ acquired two-way player and offensive weapon Myron Scott, a sophomore transfer who throws and catches the football. Myron and his hands are a big plus in talent for Bloomingdale, racking up 360 yards on just 12 catches, averaging 30 receiving yards, 642 all-purpose yards and totaling 5 touchdowns in his freshmen season! With three seasons left still to show out, the future is more hopeful than not to maximize his all-star potential.

Heading south, Braden River being the most conservative of the three, putting up 154 completions on 222 attempts, 2669 passing yards, 222.4 yards per game, 33 touchdowns and a whopping 140.2 QBR, tying Tampa Bay Tech with 5 interceptions on the year.

Comparing the numbers, the Bulls’ ranking is in a fair position to compete, taking their statistical circumstances into account versus these top local rivals. With very promising elite wide receiver capabilities, and a stat-line to back it up, the odds are looking more and more in Bloomingdale’s favor looking ahead to the upcoming 2018 season.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor