BCP 2011 Summer Fire 49

best 49 players in Hillsborough and Pinellas County
–>2012 Winter Fire 49

–>2011 Spring Fire 49

DEF: CB | S | ATH | ILB | OLB | IDL | DE

School, County Position Class

1 Nelson Agholor
Berkeley Prep Hillsborough ATH 2012
A- Closing Speed
A+ Recognition
A- Lateral Pursuit
A- Hips
A- Feet
A- Elusiveness
A+ Durability
A+ Hands
A Concentration
Jury Best overall player in the Bay Area. Nelson can do it all. Not much else to say.

2 Dante Fowler
Lakewood Pinellas DE 2012
B Versus the Run
A+ Pass Rush
A Pursuit
B+ Tackling
A Get Off
A- Recognition
A Reads
Jury Dante’ is a pass rush specialist with so much potential.

3 Tyriq Mccord
Jefferson Hillsborough DE 2012
B Versus the Run
A+ Pass Rush
A+ Pursuit
A+ Tackling
A+ Get Off
B Recognition
A Reads
Jury A very complete defensive lineman with the ability to play with his hand in the ground or standing up.

4 Jeremi Powell
Pinellas Park Pinellas OLB/DE/RB 2012
A Versus the Run
A Blitz and Pass Rush
A Recognition
B Lateral Pursuit
B+ Tackling
B Pass Drops
A Get Off
Jury Versatility makes Powell a very attractive prospect and one heck of a player.

5 Eric Striker
Armwood Hillsborough OLB 2012
B+ Versus the Run
A+ Blitz and Pass Rush
A+ Recognition
A+ Lateral Pursuit
A+ Tackling
B+ Pass Drops
A Get Off
Jury Arguably the most aggressive player on the field every game.

6 Rayshawn Jenkins
Admiral Farragut Pinellas ATH 2012
A Hips
A- Feet
A+ Elusiveness
A Durability
N/A Hands
A Concentration
A- Break Away Ability
Jury Jenkins is a pure athlete. It was tricky grading him because he played out of position last season.

7 Matt Jones
Armwood Hillsborough RB 2012
A+ Inside Running
B- Outside Running
B Elusiveness
B+ Power
B Blocking
A+ Hands
A- Durability
A+ Vision
A+ Balance
Jury His play is starting to match his hype. Last season he proved he can be a great inside runner.

8 Greg Windham
King Hillsborough QB 2012
A+ Arm Strength
A- Set Up
A- Accuracy
A- Field Vision
B- Running Ability
A Delivery
B+ Ball Handling
A- Leadership
Jury With a cannon attached to his shoulder, Windham does a great job buying time and putting the ball on the money.

9 Vernon Hargreaves
Wharton Hillsborough CB 2013
A Man 2 Man Coverage
A Zone Coverage
A Closing Speed
B+ Recognition
A- Lateral Pursuit
B+ Tackling
A+ Hips
A Feet
Jury One of the few true lockdown corners in our area.

10 Leon McQuay III
Armwood Hillsborough S 2013
B+ Man 2 Man Coverage
B+ Zone Coverage
A+ Closing Speed
B+ Recognition
A+ Lateral Pursuit
B+ Tackling
B- Hips
B- Feet
Jury Leon will develop into a nightmare for offenses. He has excellent closing speed and finds the football.


11 Pete Dinovo

East Lake, Pinellas QB 2013

-How does the young Eagle fly so high on our ranking? I’ll tell you how. Of the five QBs in the top 25, four of them are rising seniors. All four of them have had plenty of games, reps, experience and have learned ball placement, velocity and timing. Pete seems to have grasped all these concepts as a sophomore. Too early to call him the future? Nope! He is just that. His potential ceiling is so high that it could be scary to see him as a senior. It usually takes time for a young QB to understand when to take a sack, when to throw the ball away, when to get out the pocket, when to stay in the pocket and when to just make a play! I now direct you to his Hilites (select name).

12 Gary Simon

Gibbs, Pinellas WR/CB 2012

-Gary Simon is a certified “Baller”. I think his greatest quality as a player is not his athleticism, but his ability to locate the ball in the air. Sounds simple, but watch his film. Whenever it looks like he is going to jump too early or too late in order to make a play on the ball, it ends up being right on time and he makes breath taking plays. He anticipates plays like a college senior while on defense and becomes a one man show while on offense. He can literally take over a game because he can play so many positions. If the ball is in Simon’s hands, the probability of Gibbs scoring has just dramatically increased.

13 Drew Madhu

Plant, Hillsborough S 2012

-If you have a young defensive back prospect, select Madhu’s name to the left. It’s linked to his hilites. After the first 7-10 plays, turn to your young prospect, sit up straight and say “Son, that’s how you play safety”. Drew is text book. He will strike you; he will make solid open field tackles. He comes down hill like a bat out of hell and has good enough hips to play on the edge (CB). He has had an outstanding off season. Performing well during showcases and tournaments. Every time I see him, he is always in control, never sloppy in his technique and makes plays. Plain and simple…he makes plays! He is extremely athletic and is a smart player.

14 Gray Crow

Countryside, Pinellas QB 2012

-Crow is that movie star QB. That guy that comes in the huddle with the ball on the 4 yard line going out, 17 seconds left on the clock, down by 8 and tells the offensive huddle that “we will score” and everybody in the huddle believes him. He has that attitude that there is no task too big. I believe him. Yea yea, he can throw the ball, great touch, yadda yadda. But what makes him special are the intangibles; the ability to lead a team and get teammates to follow. He is a field general with a purpose. Did I mention he could throw the ball, good pocket presence and anticipation?

15 Bennie Coney

Plant City, Hillsborough QB 2012

-If you ask Coney what he needs to improve on, he will give you a list of things. That’s only because he is a humbled young man and knows he can be great. My list would not be so long. I have seen Coney look rocky at times and awesome at other times. He has improved as a passer since January. He has very good feet and a big arm. He has developed touch over his years and understands what kind of passes he needs to make in certain situations and with certain routes. He has a very high “Football IQ” and has a learning man’s attitude. In addition to him being a good passer, he has the added threat of being an excellent athlete and runner. At 6-3/215, he moves like Cam Newton when he gets past the line of scrimmage.

16 Travis Johnson

Jesuit, Hillsborough WR 2013

-Travis is one heck of a player. I think his best asset is his ability to use his body. A lot of big receivers don’t understand that they have two distinct advantages; height and size. They use the height, out jumping and pulling down balls over smaller DBs. But Travis knows how to use his size and shield off and box out DBs. Travis is a gamer. He is trusting and can do just about anything on the football field. He has very soft hands and runs very good routes. What’s not so obvious is how dangerous he is in the open field. He can run through you or around you, making for an even more difficult task for the defense after the ball is caught.

17 Earl Moore

Hillsborough, Hillsborough DT 2012

-True story: During my days coaching at Hillsborough High School we have had some pretty good athletes and have watched them develop over the years. But Earl is one of those “Blindside” stories. Earl comes in as a freshman and had the sloppiest bench press technique you could ever see. He couldn’t get into a stance and we didn’t know what we were going to do with this big ol’ kid. He doesn’t say much, never gets mad, he had us worried. Then during the JV season, it just clicked. Big Earl was killin! Earl ends his freshman season as a reserve DT on varsity and ends his sophomore season as a D1 prospect with a verbal scholarship offer from Florida State. Great coaching job huh?

18 Cody Waldrop

Armwood, Hillsborough OL 2012

-The QBs and the small guys get most of the love when it comes to “Top Player” list, but in order for an offensive lineman to make it and be ranked in the top 25, he has to standout! Waldrop is one of those “Trench Dogs” a dirty (in a good way), whistle to whistle, drive your poor little inside backer through the turf type players. He may not have the best technique or play with a low pad level every snap, but you can’t coach a kid how to “Kick the snot” out of any defensive player lined up across from him. Waldrop has that. I think he gets it from his mother because his dad is just the nicest guy you could ever meet.

19 Louis Pappas

Tarpon Springs, Pinellas QB 2012

-“Pappas” just sound cool when you say it and boy do the game PA system announcers say it a lot. I could write something real long saying how great of a QB we think Pappas is, but it would all equal to production. He is not 6-3, so many recruiting services and college scouts will not label him as an “Elite” QB. But if you want a QB who can throw every route, calm in the pocket, makes few mistakes, puts points on the board and allows you to have an enormous playbook, Louie Pappas is your man.

20 Dazmond Patterson

Plant City, Hillsborough RB 2012

-“Mr. Impact”…good things come in small packages. Dazmond Patterson, I’m sure uses that line with every young lady at Plant City High he winks an eye at. Back on subject…Dazmond is more than just productive, but he is exciting, powerful and elusive. He has been a 1k rusher since his sophomore season. Rarely do you ever see just one defensive player bring him down. And he has superb lateral movement. This combination makes Daz one of the top players and top backs in the Bay Area.


21 Chris Murray

King, Hillsborough WR/DB, 2012

-If you have never seen this young man play, you are missing something. Chris is a phenomenal player who simply makes plays. Would Greg Windham be as good as he is without Chris Murray…maybe so! But Chris makes Greg look so good. He is as smooth as they come on offense and locks down anything that comes his way on defense. On special teams, he is just that…special. Chris has a bright future and will be a driving force for the Lions success.

22 Richard Benjamin

Middleton, Hillsborough ATH, 2013

-Benjamin is one of the hottest prospects in the Tampa Bay Area. This did not just happen overnight. In 2010 Middleton had their ups and downs going 5-5 overall. But, the light that shined bright each game was the play by Richard Benjamin. College coaches have drooled over his hilite film where he shows agility, speed, aggressiveness and playmaking ability.

23 Brandon Holloway

Alonso, Hillsborough RB/WR, 2012

-The obvious asset that Brandon Holloway brings to the Alonso Raven offense is speed! It sounds cliché, but you can’t coach speed and a defense can’t tackle what they can’t catch. If you have not seen Holloways 2010 season hilites, it won’t take long for you to see how he clamps down the twenty third spot. He has such a quick burst, great lateral movement and exceptional speed; there is no argument with Holloway being a top 25 player.

24 Ryan Green

St. Pete Catholic, Pinellas RB, 2013

-The argument about the best running back in Pinellas County is a great debate with no end in sight. But Ryan Green does not just rank amongst the Pinellas backs, but Bay Area backs as well. Green is a strong runner who is more agile than you would expect. He can run between the tackles, where he is best. Punishing defenders and taking names later. Or, he can get to the corner of the defense and make your secondary look foolish.

25 Iman Smith

Pinellas Park, Pinellas OLB/S/WR, 2012

-The “Hybrid”, Iman Smith is one of the players that can dominate at many different positions. The 6-3/210lbs WR, OLB, DE can do it all. He is big and strong and brings a load. Smith has a great frame, with broad shoulders, strong lower body and long arms. Smith carries the ball like a man on a mission. When on defense he is looking to eliminate all ball carriers. Smith jumps into our list because he is a game changer.


26 Austin Aikens Plant

Hillsborough, WR 2012

27 Lamarlin Wiggins

Plant City, Hillsborough WR 2012

28 Antonio Crawford

Plant, Hillsborough WR/DB 2012

29 Alvin Bailey

Armwood, Hillsborough WR 2013

30 Billy Pavlock

Palm Harbor, Pinellas QB 2012

31 Justin Goodloe

CCC, Pinellas RB 2012

32 Artavis Scott

East Lake, Pinellas WR 2014

33 Jeremiah Green

Hillsborough, Hillsborough DB 2013

34 Josh Scarberry

Gaither, Hillsborough LB 2012

35 Charles Booth

Jefferson, Hillsborough WR 2012

36 Derrick Doss

Largo, Pinellas ATH 2013

37 Cameron Dees

Armwood, Hillsborough C 2012

38 Kadesh Reaves

Tampa Bay Tech, Hillsborough DT 2012

39 Chase Litton

Wharton, Hillsborough QB 2014


40 William Watson

Jefferson, Hillsborough DB 2012

41 Diomi Roberts

Countryside, Pinellas RB 2012

42 Jordan Sherit

Hillsborough, Hillsborough DE/OT 2013

43 Brent O’neal

Canterbury, Pinellas RB 2013

44 Kenny Blanch

Tarpon Springs, Pinellas RB 2012

45 Nigel Harris

Hillsborough, Hillsborough LB 2013

46 Keith Weeks

Newsome, Hillsborough OL 2012

47 Carlos Duclos

Robinson, Hillsborough CB/RB 2013

48 Cortavious Givens

Admiral Farragut, Pinellas ATH 2014

49 Telfair Darreon

Blake, Hillsborough WR 2012