Field Goal(s) -3 points for District 6A-9

Boca Ciega
Dixie Hollins


Somebody build a bubble…
There’s a little less oxygen available in Pinellas County these days as the season draws near. The three teams at the top of this district are beginning to inhale their collectives breaths and try not to pass out while wishing for perfect health and to get through their respective seasons without having to make patchwork at positions they’d otherwise have studs lined up at. Largo, Clearwater and Northeast have the capability of lighting scoreboards up all across the county, but they’ve all got defenses that aren’t getting the love they deserve either. All of that spells for great drama when these three link up during the month of October if healthy.

Whoever does make it, can make it anywhere…
Frank Sinatra and the City of New York salute the “survivors” of this district. We don’t expect the other three squads of Dixie, Osceola and Boca Ciega to simply lie down and concede either raising the week-to-week stakes as the season progresses. But “if” we had to pull the magic 8-ball from the pocket and try to ask the question regarding the postseason, we’d happily see into a possible regional finals appearance for any one of these teams at the least. Charlotte, Cape Coral and Naples are (maybe?) the strongest links in Region-III and those squads don’t have the firepower to match these three teams at this present time. Of course, Mainland and Miami Central along with Hallandale and Coconut Creek are located in Region-IV soooo g’luck with that, but let’s be honest; a regional finals appearance and perhaps state semifinals appearance by ANY of these three teams would cause hysteria in the Bay come November/December.

Save the dates…
On the 2nd, we get Northeast at Clearwater in a blink-and-you-might-miss-everything game from big hits to big plays on offense. The 23rd will see the Tornadoes hit the road to Largo for what could be an elimination game for Clearwater if they were to get beat by the Vikings, then on the 30th a must-win for someone will take place in Largo when Northeast comes to town.