FHSAA classification update

per FHSAA spokesman

Classification Update – With the release of the Fall 2012 student population report, there has been speculation about future changes and attempts to project what schools will end up in what class. Please keep in mind that official assignments will be released on the FHSAA website in the upcoming months. The Classification policy is attached and with the exception of the cutoff numbers, is still what is being used for the upcoming two-year cycle. You can reference policy numbers from the attachment.

FOR FOOTBALL ONLY: Per Policy, the highest two-thirds of schools, by student population, will be as evenly divided as possible into the top four classifications (8A-5A) and the remaining one-third, by student population, will be as evenly divided as possible into the bottom four classifications (4A-1A). Class 1A has its own criteria as the “Rural Division” as well.

Because the Fall 2012 population report numbers are not identical to what was in effect the past two years, you cannot accurately project what schools will be in a certain class by using this year’s population report and plugging in the population cutoffs from two years ago. Again, the top two-thirds by population will comprise the top four classifications so the population cutoffs will have to change. The cutoff numbers likely will be close to what they are now but not identical.

FOR BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, SOFTBALL, GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Class 1A has its own criteria. Per Policy 12.4.1, the 1A schools are taken out and the other schools are divided as evenly as possible into the remaining seven classifications. Please note that the cutoffs for these sports will not be the same as football.

FOR SOCCER: The total number of schools with boys soccer will be used to classify both boys and girls soccer. The total will be divided across five classifications. The cutoff numbers will not be the same as the other team sports or football.

The remaining sports are discussed in Policy 12.6.

As of now, the points below are what is confirmed:

1) The Board of Directors finalized the Classification policy (Policy 12) and no changes were made. However, the dividing lines between classes in terms of population will change.

2) Staff will be working on classifications and districts over the next several months.

3) Football assignments (districts and classes) will be released in late December as the scheduling meetings are in January. All other sports will be released after the New Year. An estimate would be the beginning of February but they will be released as they are completed by FHSAA sport administrators.

4) An appeal period will be established after the release of district assignments. The county superintendent (or their designee) will need to authorize any member school appeals.