Fan Reactions from Manatee at Riverview

When Manatee played Riverview at J. Vince Thompson Stadium on Friday night, the whole game experience was on display from both sides. The Hurricanes offensive output was too much for the Sharks defense, as they won 49-14 to stay alive the Class 8A-District 6 playoff race. BCP interviewed ten random fans to get their input on the fan experience at Riverview High on last Friday night. Here’s what the fans have to say:

Riverview students Jeremy Stultz, Michell Delgado, and Jordan Rundle.
Riverview students Jeremy Stultz, Michell Delgado, and Jordan Rundle.

“The best part about Manatee road games is just the fans. They’re always here with us, and we always get a pretty good turnout. We love going across the field and interacting with the other cheer squad, but mainly, we love supporting our team.” – Staci Stewart, Manatee Cheerleading Co-Captain.

“Senior night was so amazing. It’s a night that I will remember for the rest of my life. There was a lot of mixed emotions, but I know we still have another home game which I’m really looking forward to. I’m really excited for homecoming.” – Andreé Randall, Riverview Cheerleading Co-Captain. 

“Our kids come out and really have just a ton of enthusiasm every Friday night, and everybody as a whole is really awesome to watch.” – Tami Merrill, Manatee Marching ‘Canes Parent.

“It’s really awesome to see everyone come out and support the team every week. We’ve got a lot of school spirit, and next week, we’re going all out next week for homecoming. The whole experience is a lot of fun.” – Michelle Delgado, Riverview Senior Class President.

“We travel really well. All the fans are still into  it, tonight’s game was actually a little thin for us though. But it all goes back to the history of the program. Kids grow up down home and they want to play football for Manatee. One time, I drove my son past the stadium before he was in high school, and he had tears in his eyes because he knew he was going to play on that field. It’s a great feeling to watch all of these guys every week.” – Fred Colagiovanni, Manatee Parent. 

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the score is, it’s about just having a good time with everybody around me.” – Jeremy Stultz, Riverview Student.

“We really just feel like a family. We know we’re part of a bigger, much more exciting thing. My favorite part about Friday’s is getting up on the ladder every time and conducting. It’s just an amazing feeling.” – Chyenne Everson, Head Drum Major of the Manatee Marching ‘Canes. 

“The best part about Friday night football is taking time and hanging with friends and pretending to watch the game.” – Jordan Rundle, Riverview Student.

“It’s been spectacular to play with my brothers and as a whole family unit. Last week, it was a lot of fun playing on senior night, but I was sad because it was my final time marching on the field back home.” – Isaac Martinez, Percussion Captain of the Manatee Marching ‘Canes.

“I felt very appreciative on senior night tonight, I loved it. The whole experience is a lot of fun in marching with my family.” – Gio Vasquez, Sousaphone Player for the Riverview Blue Coat Regiment.