Evaluating Armwood 2023 QB Murdolph Jones

Murdolph Jones is one of the area’s top returning quarterbacks. He brings so much to the table both on and off of the field. In 2021, he completed just under 50% of his passing attempts for 1,940 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also had 2 rushing touchdowns. Jones has a very live arm.

The first clip on his junior highlight shows him setting his feet and delivering a strike 55 yards downfield which goes for a touchdown. The second clip shows him make a read and deliver a strike to his second option up the seam for a touchdown. Clip three shows him set up in the pocket with a blitz coming and delivering a really well-placed ball 45 yards downfield to a receiver who got behind two defenders. Jones paid for it, but the Hawks scored. The fourth clip shows some good footwork and decisiveness as he feels pressure, slides up in the pocket, and then tucks the ball and gets what the defense gives him with his legs before hopping out of bounds.

Throughout the film, he does a great job of avoiding any unnecessary hits which again shows strong decision-making and maturity. He can run the ball, but keep in mind that he is a big quarterback so he doesn’t display great top-end speed. He is 6’4” tall and 225 pounds with a strong build. The rest of his junior highlight shows him making great throws to the shallow and intermediate levels also. He is a really fun quarterback to watch. Improving his accuracy and his completion percentage have been two areas of focus all off-season. With that in mind, a quick scroll through his Twitter feed will show that he has been spending some extra time working on those areas while polishing his mechanics in #TheStable. I can’t wait to see how that pays off. Believe me, it will so get the popcorn ready!

Academically, Jones’ weighted GPA is up around 4.8 and he pulled a 1300 on the SAT in March. Those are numbers you absolutely love to see from a quarterback. He is also currently playing baseball for the Hawks as well so he is a multiple-sport athlete. As his junior year winds down, he holds three verbal scholarship offers. USF extended him his first offer last June. Toledo offered him in December, and then Fordham in March. It is still the middle of the spring evaluation period, and if colleges haven’t stopped by to see him, they need to. He has three solid offers but should be getting much more attention in my opinion. He checks nearly all of the boxes and is a very bright young man, so anything that needs to be worked on, will be worked on with attention to detail. He should be a camp favorite this summer if he hits the road. 

Armwood 2023 QB Murdolph Jones’ Junior Highlight  and  Murdolph’s Twitter