Evaluate film on kids who are projecting as high level college prospects

Jacob Pugh (white 16), Godby

One thing we suggest young players do as they begin the “recruiting process journey” is to evaluate film on kids who are projecting as high level college prospects and use it as a measuring stick. Size/speed/athleticism is a combination that college coaches are on the prowl for across the state of Florida.

When you showcase these attributes on film, that is what will catch the eye of college coaches. Prospects must not only make plays, but MUST posses the frame (especially at certain positions) that indicates UPSIDE!!

Up first is a 2014 OLB prospect that is currently committed to Florida State. First thing to note is his size. Also, as you watch the first few “wow” plays, you will pick up on size/speed combination. Also take note of pad level and the ability to work the point of contact.

Next up is a massive 6’6″ OT prospect who displays a great deal of athleticism as well. Huge frame and has weight already, which is important because you do not have to worry about “what ifs”. What if a school needs to add weight…. does this affect his ability to move clean? So a 6’6″ 17 year old kid in high school that already carries 275 clean certainly looks enticing once he gets into a college program and only has a few pounds to go to approach the 300 mark.

Pay attention to the pass protection and ability to move. Also another important thing to note is this big timer is headed to the University of Kentucky! So many big time talents in the state of Florida will find their perfect fit at out of state programs. Well Derrick Kelly is a perfect example.