E7-Warner: Duclos, Ford, Ferguson, Hudson and more evaluations



Michael Duclos, Robinson 2015 RB – This type of RB won’t really standout in a showcase/training camp environment. No pads, limited contact, does not play in his favor. Duclos did because he showed good footwork, blitz pick up and agility. Caught the ball well in the 1 on 1s.

Marques Ford, East Bay 2015 DT – This East Bay Indian will be good for a couple of reasons. 1) He is pretty skillful. 2) Eager to improve. 3) Does not back down from a challenge.

Nate Ferguson, Freedom 2015 DB – Had one of the best overall days. Was complete lock down during one on ones. Did somethings that you can’t coach. Things that you do in the park with your boys and make play after play. Fast, agile and good feet.

Alibel Fragoso, Plant City 2015 OG – Will continue to work his feet and technique, but the body frame and coachability,this young man has a chance. Good hands and flexibility.

Ryan Fulse, Fort Meade 2015 RB – A really good athlete. Smooth runner and quick learner. Did really well in blitz pick up drills and was hard to stop in 1 on 1s.

Givanni Gonzalez, Dunedin 2015 QB – WR coach praised his accuracy. Threw some really good footballs and had nice placement. Will continue to improve arm strength, but had a great day overall.

Antonio Harris, Pinellas Park 2014 LB – May have had the best day of all the athletes. Intercepted balls like a safety, got into excellent pass drops like a OLB, was in great position during drills with RBs and covered well in one on ones.

Wilan Harvey, Osceola 2015 WR/DB – Big kid with long arms. Can play a few different position depending on how much he grows. 6-1/178lbs now and just a rising junior. If he gets to 6-3, will likely be projected as an OLB.

Brendon Headley, Strawberry Crest 2014 OLB – Another good day for the Crest LB. Played light on his feet and showed loose hips. Did well in open field tackle (touch) drills.

Khalil Holt, Bartow 2014 RB – Big back. Nearly 6 foot and 225 pounds. Still showed good feet and agility.

Cordell Hudson, Largo 2014 CB – Best CB at the E7. Was the best CB at Ignite. Will be a top 5 CB in our coverage area. He shines the brightest in one one ones. His long arms gives him reach and leverage over receivers. He is so nimble and has such good feet, rarely is he out of position. And he has bunnies (vertical leap). Explosive off the ground.

Joshua Hyde, Strawberry Crest 2014 WR – It’s just getting old. Josh Hyde performances are EXPECTED to be good now. Each time he shows up, he shows out. Not the tallest, fastest or strongest, but always one of the best. Strong hands, really good routes and big plays. The norm for him.

Tristan Hyde, Strawberry Crest 2015 QB – As long as he keeps throwing the ball, he’s going to keep opening eyes. He’s still growing. 5-11 now as a rising junior. If he can some how hit 6-1ish after this season, he will have a chance. Stronger arm than expected and threw really well during 7 on 7s.