E7 Training Camp Reactions

Tampa, FL – Days after the 2021 BCP E7 Small Skills Training Camp, performances are still fresh from participants. Over 90 quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, and defensive backs participated in the three-hour event looking to catch the eye of the BCP staff…and so they did.

We are still going through videos which will give us a better evaluation of who did what. Until then, we want to drop a few names and notes from camp. More articles will follow.


Maguire Neal, Zephyrhills High School 2022 WR (6’0″/186) – A first-team ALL BCP OLB selection in December (13 sacks, 25.5 TFLs). At E7TC he showed off his offensive skills at receiver. We loved how he was able to consistently get off the line of scrimmage and get into his route. Very few defensive backs had success covering Neal and even less won a rep against this Bulldog. He showed competitive speed, soft hands, and grit. Would be an excellent slot receiver at the collegiate level.

Owen Walls, Cypress Creek High School 2022 QB (6’0″/145) – He’s taller, heavier, and stronger than when we saw him last season. Throws the ball with more confidence and conviction. Threw the route tree really well on Sunday and even more importantly, his footwork was super crisp.

Owen Walls, Cypress Creek

Anthony “Rocco” Becht, Wiregrass Ranch High School 2022 QB (6’0″/191) – In all transparency, we see Rocco train on a weekly basis at The Stable. So we are fully aware of his capabilities. However, it would be wrong to omit his performance just because we are not surprised by how he performed. He was expected to throw the laces off the ball, show timely touch, be sweet in his movements, and complete a lot of passes in 1 on 1 activity…This he did. What really made the day, he measured in at a legit 6 foot, no shoes on. In today’s game, the 6-foot mark is important for college QB prospects. The smaller QBs are trending in the right direction. With his arm talent, footwork and IQ, he’s going to get some good looks.

Eugene Wilson III, Gaither High School 2023 DB (5’9.5″/158) – 28 solo tackles, 3 interceptions last year for this young defensive back roaming in a talented Gaither defense. Smooth, swift, showed awesome ball skills and athleticism during camp. He started to become one of the coaches’ favorites, even the offensive coaches because he was getting reps on both sides of the ball. Over the years, Gaither has produced some talented defensive backs. This young man could be next in line.

Eugene Wilson III, Gaither

Ladainian Ferrell, Jefferson High School 2024 WR (5’6″/155) – The smaller the player, the more his ability has to standout. The more confidence he needs to have in his ability and the more consistent the player must be. Check off each for Ladainian Ferrell in our camp setting. A strong frame, suited for a dynamic player with the ability to play a few different positions. We loved the way he got out of his breaks, caught the football, and displayed his elusiveness.

To Be Continued….