E7 Showcase Offensive Review

-Position Analysis made by position coaches 


Alex McGough, Wesley Chapel, QB

Taylor King
Freedom, 2014
MVP- spun it nice. Showed good arm strength on the comeback routes.

Alex McGough
Wesley Chapel, 2014
Consistent, nice arm strength and good timing on rhythm routes.

Will Worth
Newsome, 2012
Showed nice throws on the run. Quick escapes during drills.

Josh Zifer
Nice touch on deep balls. Lefty kid with good timing.

Kyle Craichy
Admiral Farragut
Good pocket presence and timing was there on the out routes.

Offensive Line

Keith Weeks, Newsome, OL

Keith Weeks
Newsome, 2012
Was great as usual. He did every drill at 100%, and never passed up the opportunity to go against the best defensive lineman. He showed good footwork at tackle also. His normal position is center.

Damian Garvey
Wesley Chapel, 2012
The tackle from Wesley Chapel got better every rep. He shows a lot of upside, and I think he could be a real sleeper come the fall.

Running Backs

Kameron Faile, Bloomingdale

Jamaruz Thompkins
Tampa Bay Tech., 2012
Jamaruz is a wonderful athlete. He moves well on the field and has really grown into the frame he has. He also has great hands and runs routes with ease, not to mention this kid’s good attitude is contagious.

Kameron Faile
Bloomingdale, 2014
Kam is a kid that any coach would want. Fast, agile, and does nothing but work. Kam is a great competitor, spending the whole day during the E7 Showcase challenging the other Running Backs to do better and stay focused. With some great coaching during this upcoming year we should expect BIG things.

Daniel Fasion
Lennard, 2012
Daniel is most like a Quiet Storm. Doesn’t say much but lets his play do the talking. Daniel will need to beef up this offseason but as long as that’s facilitated, expect to hear about him. Good hands and good routes. Could definitely benefit from some agility training and strength/power gains this offseason.

Justice Davis
Land O’Lakes, 2012
Now potential just radiates off of Justice. His size and the fact that he’s so young, excites you and he’s fast too. He could be a little apprehensive but once he gets in tune with the program expect to hear about him. He could really benefit from working with a more seasoned back over this offseason. All in all, great attitude and listens to coaching as if every word was important.

Wide Receivers

Taylor Gonzalez, King

The group of receivers at this year’s E7 football skills showcase was a solid bunch of guys who will definitely make some plays this season. The players went through a variety of drills that displayed their footwork and hands. Though the entire group had guys that showed great skill in different areas of being an elite receiver, there were a few who stood out in the group.

Devon Henry
Wesley Chapel, 2012
The most polished guy in the group. He was fluid, ran sharp routes and had silky soft hands.  He was a definite eye catcher.

Taylor Gonzales
King, 2012
Perhaps the most athletic player making a host of acrobatic catches over and around defenders.

Chris Mattear
Wesley Chapel, 2012
The most physically imposing of the bunch and made a number of catches in traffic using his size.