We have a few more handfuls of players who could be classified as defensive tackles. Those players also play other positions and could be recruited at other positions depending on need and potential growth.

Below are a list of senior defensive players we feel are true defensive tackles at the collegiate level. Malcolm Lamar, Armwood, 2018 and Jonathan King, Tampa Bay Tech, 2018 are our highest rated defensive tackles in our central florida coverage area. Lamar is an Oregon commit. Plans to head west with Former USF head coach Willie Taggart. King is also an Oregon commit who could potentially play defensive end with his speed. But we see him growing into a 3-tech defensive tackle. Feel as though he will double in size while keeping his speed.

Hakem Ricketts, Chamberlain, 2018, DT and Jerry Rich, Kathleen, 2018, DT are under exposed. Both big body kids who can play at the 1AA and up level.

We feel that Jamal Lyles, Lakewood, 2018, DT has the frame to grow. Nice lower body to pack on lots of pounds. Just like Jaaron Jackson, Kathleen, 2018, DT. Jackson has received plenty of attention throughout the spring. Game has really evolved. Understands how to transfer speed into power and use a variety of moves.

Wayne Williams, Boca Ciega, 2018 and Terrance Skinner, Zephyrhills, 2018, DT are quietly two of the best interior players in the area.They are asked to clog the middle and hold their ground versus double and even triple team blocks. Their stats will never look pretty. The linebackers who feed on ball carriers, do so because these two DTs are keeping them free from being blocked.

All that leads us to a D1 evaluated sleeper in Polk County. EJ Berry, Ridge Community, 2018, DT. Instead of us talking him up, we are going to allow his 2017 midseason highlights to talk for us. Only critiques we will make publicly: Would like to see him play with a lower pad level (along with leverage) and display a quicker take off. The rest….is A plus stuff!