County vs County prospect evaluation numbers

Our coverage area (Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk Counties) traditionally receives plenty of recruiting attention. Lots of highly talented, skilled athletes probably only surpassed by those of Dade and Broward county.

The numbers below reflect my player evaluations from BCP exposure showcase events, highlight films and live game observations. THEY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE as evaluations change and more players come to my attention.

On my prospect sheet, players are listed according to their projected position. Example: Ryan Davis is projected to be recruited as an ATH and not a QB. So he would be tallied under ATH, effecting the Pinellas County ATH and WR numbers below.

You can use the current offer list as a reference. Even though it has no bearing on my evaluation. I could not have a player evaluated as a D1 prospect, though he has a D1 verbal offer (and vice versa). If a D1 school likes a prospect and feels his skill set can help their team, it does not matter what mine or anyones else’s evaluation states.

NOTE: I HAVE 68 “TBD” KIDS. 68 kids who have attracted my attention for one reason or another. But those kids have not participated in one of our exposure series events, I do not have enough film and/or observations to evaluate the prospects. So right now, those kids are “To Be Determined.”

Elite Prospects (all classes) – received top evaluation score
Hillsborough – 9
Polk – 9
Pinellas – 7
Pasco – 1

BCS D1 prospects (all classes)
Polk – 43
Hillsborough – 39
Pinellas – 24
Pasco – 6

Prospects that could mature into D1 prospects (all classes)
Hillsborough – 21
Polk – 17
Pinellas – 16
Pasco – 4

D1 prospects, most by position (all classes)
ATH: Pinellas – 6
CB: Hillsborough – 8
DE: Hillsborough – 7
DT: Polk – 7
ILB: Hillsborough – 5
Interior OL: Polk 8
OLB: Hillsborough and Polk – 3
QB: Hillsborough – 5
RB: Polk – 9
S: Polk – 5
Slots and TE: All counties – 2
WR: Polk – 5