Comparing Up n’ Coming Mobile Gunslinger’s Shaye Scott and CJ Burge

Tampa, April 19, 2018– Gaither High Cowboys’ Senior QB Shaye Scott and Junior Calvary transfer to Superior Collegiate High CJ Burge, both have high expectations and aspirations heading into their respected 2018 seasons, and have more similarities than not. Both idol the same NFL star, both teams finished with 7 wins last year, thanks to another common trait CJ and Shaye share, their ability to scramble and make throws on the move effectively, or just tuck and run with the rock if they so please. “I’m a mobile QB and I can hit any target down the field, I’ve increased my throwing power and able to read coverages better than last year,” Burge stated.

Although Scott may have one more year of growth and experience under his high school career belt than CJ, both understand the significance of building arm strength and being able to read defensive coverages early on. “I think I’ve picked up my reads faster and know the offense like the back of my hand, I just need to continue to improve my footwork, footwork is always key, and I believe my best attribute is throwing on the run and at any time take off and run with it,” Shaye exclaimed.  Their frames and build are roughly the same too, Burge standing at 6 feet flat 165 pounds and Shaye at 5’10” 170 pounds, Burge gets the edge on this one, with a couple extra inches to help his vision as he drops back and scans the field over his linemen.

“I’m just looking forward to being out on the field with my teammates, competing and making each other better each and every day,” said Scott. Stats wise, in 19 games played Shaye has thrown for 1,466 yards, tallied 7 touch downs, averaged 77.2 YPG, 109 completions on 234 attempts, accumulated 335 all-purpose yards (325 yards rushing, 10 receiving) and an overall QBR of 57.4. CJ on the other hand was just getting things started last year, entering the prime now with 2 more big years to fill the stat sheets with, putting up 166 passing yards, 2 TD’s, 13 completions on 22 attempts, a 94.1 QBR and only 1 pic in his career, compared to Scott’s 11 interceptions. To be fair, the more shots you take, the more risk you have at turning the ball over.

“I’m looking forward to achieving 3,000 yards this season, that’s my main goal, my mind-set is to be great and be the best at everything I do, in the weight room and my motivation is set on trying to win that State Championship. In my spare time I like to fish, be with family and watch football- my favorite pro QB is Cam Newton, I got a chance to meet him at a 7v7 and we played his team,” CJ explained.

“I enjoy being with family and friends, just working out and staying active but I like to hoop a little, I can play ball. A lot of people say Johnny Manziel or Dak Prescott as my NFL comparison, I would say Manziel because of my size, but my favorite player would be Cam Newton.”

“Shaye has sacrificed many hours and weekends working with his QB coach Jason Silbert, trying always to improve and has taken his weight training more seriously with a personal trainer. I want Shaye to enjoy the college experience at any level or position and see he can contribute, I wish him to be a great teammate and leader and hopefully obtain a scholarship to continue his education, we want the best for him as well as his teammates,” Shaye’s father states.

All said and done, I have no doubt these two rising athletes have the recipe for success, will uphold and reach their desired goals, and maintain their self-improving standards.