Comparing Thriving 2020 Class RBs Eric Wilson and Jaquell Narine

Dover, May 22, 2018- Armwood’s sophomore transfer from Strawberry Crest Jaquell Narine and Plant City Raider’s sophomore Eric Wilson are both hungry, up n’ coming talents that posted promising numbers to add to the stat-sheet despite both their teams having a negative 2017 record. Both times these teams have met in the past two years, Plant City has come out on top in this 7a rivalry, taking into account that the Raiders won double the games finishing the season at 4-6.

Eric and Jaquell also share the ability to play either side of the ball when called upon, Jaquell contributing at Linebacker as well and Eric capable of covering and catching the ball, making plays at Wide Receiver and Free Safety. With those things in place, let’s talk statistics.

“I’m working harder in the classroom, also putting in more time than I have before in the weight room as well as on the field,” Wilson exclaims.

Numbers don’t lie and this past season Wilson made a little more noise in 10 games equated to Narine’s 9 played at Strawberry Crest. As a second-year man for the Chargers, Jaquell standing at 5’10” 165 pounds, totaled 331 rushing yards on 88 touches, averaging 3.8, tallying 2TD’s, 489 all-purpose yards and 6 total tackles.

Eric made the most of his opportunities with the rock in his possession, using his longer and stronger frame of 6’ 190 pounds to his utmost advantage, he nearly doubled Narine’s rushing total sitting pretty at 648 yards, but at the same time leveling the playing field being utilized in the backfield with 25 more carries, at 113 touches, averaging 5.7 yards, racking up 6 rushing scores, 7 receptions for 62 yards and adding to his yardage with 710 all-purpose…this is also Wilson’s career stat-line, 2017 being his first year starting and playing for the Raiders.

“My motivation is my love and passion for the game, mind-set wise I want to be the best back in my 2020 class and what I’m looking forward to most in my junior year is to show people I’ve gotten faster, bigger and stronger; I’m going to be a whole different animal this year,” Eric states affirmatively.

Comparing athletic individuals has always been and always will be a hot topic in the sports world, and both these athletes excel in their respected areas according to their given circumstances so all in all, both of these talented two-way players are to be kept on your 2020 watch list with two of their most significant and exciting HSFB years still to be written.