Clearwater running back likes the direction of his team and play

Adarius Lemons, Clearwater 2017 RB is one of the BCP area athletes who we are paying very close attention to. We believe he has the potential to be a game changer and serious prospect in due time. Before those long term evaluations and observations, Lemons needs to develop into a varsity football player who understands his role as a teammate and learning the game.

The Clearwater Tornados have been average and below average since 2000. They were 3-7 in 2012, long time head coach Tom Bostic’s last season and 0-10 in current head coach Donnie Abraham first season. This year they are 2-6, all but one loss coming by less than 15 points ( Loss vs. East Lake 38-6). Below is a short Q&A with Adarius on the change in Torando football and his improvement as a player.

Do you see the change in Clearwater football for the positive? How so? What’s different?

Adarius: Yes I do see a change In Clearwater football. Coach Abraham has been doing a tremendous job turning the program around since I’ve been here and I feel next year we are going to start winning even more games.

What’s been your biggest hurdle as a varsity player?

Adarius: My biggest hurdle as a varsity player was facing older guys because I’ve always looked at size and I think Coach Abraham helped me overcome that by letting me get some varsity experience my freshman year. My plan coming into high school was to do two years on junior varsity and then move up my junior year.

Your team has been in close games all year. Has that helped the team confidence? How so?

Adarius: That helped our confidence as a team because all 30 plus guys all fought hard in the first half. Some way or some how we just got to finish at the end and that’s when conditioning comes in. Some guys showed up as soon as the season started but that’s one of the things we are trying to turn around in the program, is guys showing up all summer long and putting in the work to become that team we know we can be.

What makes you one of the best developing athletes in Pinellas County?

Adarius: What makes me one of the best developing athletes in pinellas county is just seeing my self from last year and seeing things that I needed work on and progressing from mistakes from my freshman year. I feel that I got faster and stronger and even a little more better at the game of football. I feel there are things that I still need to work on to be the best athlete I know I can be and be ranked number 1 In the nation.