CHAMBO: Green Machine downloading winning ways

Practice started hot and heavy. The Chiefs with a new attitude and new leader seemed passionate and prideful once again. From first glance, the team seemed excited. The coaches seemed fueled to coach and it was no question who was in charge. Gone were the days of attitudes and selfishness. Gone were the displays of disappointment and disgust.

Head coach DJ Mayo comes across as a mild manner man, but when the hat goes on and the whistle blows, he is all business and the team is well aware. A few players were absent from practice due to disciplinary reasons and the ones who were present wanted to practice. The 1-9 season of 2011 was far in the past and the eyes of the talented Cheifs were looking forward to the future.

Xavier Johnson is the headliner of the team. The 2013 RB is ranked as the 4th ranked back in Tampa Bay. He will have his work cut out for him again this season as teams are well aware that his 1500 yards last season was no fluke.

Jermaine Gilyard maybe the most underrated ATH in the Bay Area. He is the owner of a recent Ball State offer and plays any skill position on the field. Great size, skill, long arms, change of direction and explosion will attract more college attention.

Along with the two headliners, Ronnie Scott, Jamarcus Russ, Rodney McSwain and Dajshon Oliver are attractive prospects.