Carlson Enjoying the Process

TAMPA MAR. 13, 2018- California native and Former NFL quarterback Jeff Carlson now resides in Tampa and is in the works of grooming his sons’ Haden and Noah Carlson to play the pigskin. Two talented, young athletes; Haden making the transition from soccer originally, entering his junior season at starting quarterback for the Steinbrenner high school Warriors, and Noah, a graduate from Tampa Catholic high school, is now a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University, playing wide receiver.

“It has been a balancing act, stated father Jeff Carlson. I didn’t raise them to play football and didn’t want to think I forced it on them. Football is more demanding mentally and physically than other sports, but they both tried everything, including hockey, and made their way into football in the end.”

There’s no denying the Carlson brothers have football in their veins and brains. “Noah played football every year and became a WR/TE, even though I wished he would play QB as he did in youth football, his mentality was different and he had great hands.”

Noah earned 3A All-State Honors and was named MVP as a wide receiver at the BCP E7 Lakeland event.

“Haden had natural QB ability and more affinity to being in charge. Not easy to coach/train your own son, but he finally listened enough to develop his mechanics to be very good and his potential is off the charts.”

“Both boys are also much bigger than I was at the same age.” Haden is a staggering 6’3” 185 pounds and his brother Noah a little higher in stature at 6’4” 205 pounds! “Even though they gave me a hard time along the way, they knew I knew what I was talking about, and couldn’t argue too much about the X’s and O’s. Haden is involved with Team Florida 7v7, and that has given us more opportunities to talk philosophy and strategy. “I try to videotape everything he does on the field and we go over enough of it that he definitely has an advantage that other QB’s don’t regularly get.”

“My experience playing at the FCS level leads me to believe that the biggest offer isn’t necessarily the best offer- looking at all aspects of college opportunities will be important. “No matter how long or successful your playing career may be, there is a long life after that you need to prepare for with academics.” Wise words from a former athlete and proud father, and by the sound of it, Jeff Carlson and his two boys trust the process and the future is bright for both their careers.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor