Campbell, Frostproof DT and Hudson OT – Big Spring Coming

When young athletes feel they have nothing else to prove, they lose their edge. Young athletes should always have personal goals in mind. They should always have a rival to compete against. They should always want to get better. Below are a few players that have something to prove this spring and heading into the fall.

George Campbell (White shirt), East Lake 2015 WR

George Campbell, East Lake WR 2015 6-4/180
BIG SHOULDERS – George Campbell now becomes the marque player on an East Lake team that will have high expectations. Subtract the media coverage, the hype and promotion Campbell has received over the past few seasons, he has not been without a core of teammates that were as good or better than him. No Pete Dinovo, Artavis Scott or Mason Cole. All eyes will be on George. Teams will attempt to game plan against him on both sides of the ball to limit his production and frustrate him. We are not going to add any unneeded pressure and say he needs to single handily win games. However, he will need to prove that he can fight through adversity and consistently put his team in good positions to win games, whether that be on offense, defense or special teams. It’s his show and the best players internally want to prove that their team can count on them. Inside, George should be real excited for this upcoming season!

Sam Hamilton, Frostproof DT 2015 6-1/230
CAN DO MORE – Hamilton is a great high school football player with a great shot at being a really good college prospect. However, he is slightly undersized to grab the attention of the major universities. He will have a shot at making recruiters overlook his size by showing them, “He can do more.” Besides shooting the gaps as an inside defensive lineman, Hamilton will need to show college coaches that he can play on the exterior of the defensive line and even play standing up as an outside backer. The more value he can show, the wider the eyes college coaches will have.

Grayson Stover, Hudson OT 2016 6-6/305
MEAN STREAK – When you pop on the film of Grayson, you see a young player with size and more importantly…room to grow. He will need to show tremendous growth in May (spring football). Stover will need to show he has a mean streak and can be the most dominant player on the field. He will be the biggest and take on some of the best competition Pasco County has to offer and he will need to bury them!