Calvary Christian QB Harold Cooks Stepping out of Back-up Shadows

“He’s a born leader, earning respect of his teammates- only been here a month and half and he was voted Captain by the players…” Head Coach Reggie Crume, Calvary Christian Warriors.

Clearwater, August 15, 2018 – Junior Alonso transfer Harold Cook has come a long way from man #2 on the depth chart as a sophomore to earning a starting spot protected behind the Warriors’ front lines, battling as a fast-paced offense against opposing 3A contenders, fully capable of a break-out season throwing for at least a couple thousand yards to add to his track record and possessing all the qualities to rally Calvary Christian’s squad towards yet another optimistic 2018 year.

Harold Cook getting loose before practice. PC: Susan Jones

“We’ve had a really good offseason, our goal this summer was to build a family atmosphere, ‘our best’ is our motto. Building the culture and a brotherhood, understanding individual responsibilities, and actions on and off the field is what we’ve preached and the kids have really bought into it so been cool to see it all come together. Tight teams win tight games, we’re a very young team with only five seniors remaining; lost a good chunk to graduation this year here at Calvary, but we’re developing and molding these guys with a lot of football on a varsity level; something they’re not usually asked to do at this age, and at end of day it’s about us not our opponent; giving it our best effort every down so I’m excited for this group and it will be interesting to watch. 

Harold transferred in the spring of March, he’s a born leader, earning respect of his teammates- only been here a month and half and he was voted Captain by the players; he leads by example, the first to cheer on teammates even when he’s not the one throwing, a true hard worker. Cook has worked hard to earn this starting opportunity- he’s going have his ups and down’s but based on the work he’s put in, I’m very confident he’ll have more ups. His make-up is the type that gets along with everybody, possessing an un-canning ability to relate and make a positive impact on anyone he comes in contact with,” HC Reggie Crume exclaims passionately.

Maxpreps’ Spring film depicts Cook to be cool and collected standing in the pocket with his next-level 6’2” 195-pound frame, un-phased by incoming pressure with great foot work and hip movement, trusting his first instincts and placing the ball right in his receiver’s bread baskets, displaying his pinpoint accuracy on inside cross routes, and also able to stretch the field with his arm strength. Doesn’t have the fastest release, but controls his over-heard arm motion very efficiently, aiding him in putting the pigskin in tight windows where only his receivers can reach. Harold executed his sophomore back-up role as productively as possible in the given circumstances as a rookie, posting 218 total passing yards on 55 attempts with 28 completed, tallying 4 TD’s, accumulating 43.6 PYG.  

Harold Cook taking snaps during practice. PC: Susan Jones

Coach Crume goes on to state, “Got a tough schedule coming up; I look forward to seeing these young guys develop, the culture here at Calvary is unbelievable and holds well for any young man or lady to educate themselves and have equal success. Our focus is on us not the competition- we’ll let everything else take care of itself, that’s why we do this- to have positive impact with life experiences and prepare for life itself and beyond.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor