Bull in the Ring: Dereck Boles, Lakeland 2014 DT and why he is not in a china shop

The strength of a defense is up front. The quality of the defense, plus the production, will dictate how successful a defense will be. The mighty Drednaughts of Lakeland are 7-0 (2-0) and as a team, they are only allowing 15 points per game to their opponents.

Their defense is so good, mainly because their front four are so active. In the middle of the front four and anchoring the front seven is defensive tackle, Dereck Boles. The senior leader is a Bull. I would say, “Bull in a China shop”, but the bonus video below tells me, that would not fit Dereck at all. He wrecks everything in reach and is a handful to block. 6-2/260 lbs, he will be able to hold much more weight as he increases his upper and lower body strength.

Bull in a China Shop???