Built like a Britt house: Auburndale’s Jessie Britt

The Bloodhounds of Auburndale went sniffing around for some Tigers in the playoffs last season and ran into a scent trail ending with A’Dale losing to Jesuit 35-28 in the first round. Although their season ended on a foul note, this year’s version of Auburndale still features one of Polk County’s most-prolific rushing tandem in Artavis Pierce and Jessie Britt. Both players are consistent heavyweights when it comes to performing well at the BCP combines and other events, but without Britt’s existence in the backfield as a legit dual-threat option, Pierce’s 1,129 yards and 12 touchdowns last season do not come as easy, if at all. Britt may only stand at 5-foot-9, but he checks-in at a solid 187-pounds of muscle. The running back that looks like he’s built like a mike linebacker possesses a natural route-running and pass-catching ability that many slot-WR’s have trouble getting right. When you add his natural instincts as a runner whether he’s lined up in the backfield with Pierce behind the QB or after the catch, it’s a bit of a mystery to most as to why he is not one of the most sought after ball carriers in the region. Just last week, Bowling Green finally saw what we have been seeing and offered the versatile player his first chance to play at the next level. With QB Tyler Wilkerson leaving Auburndale for Lakeland Christian, Britt’s 500 yards on the ground and 155 yards in receiving plus 11 touchdowns may have to grow significantly in a district that contains Lake Wales and Lake Gibson as obstacles in order to make the playoffs, however first thing’s first as the Bloodhounds will face Tenoroc in their spring game on May 22nd.