Breakdown Hoop Showcase highlighted many, discovered a few

Johnny Lampkin, Brooks Debartolo
Johnny Lampkin, Brooks Debartolo

The 2014 Breakdown Hoop Showcase hosted by Big County Preps and Bay Area Hoops, sponsored by Bright House Sports Network did what it was intended to do, AGAIN. The event highlighted many under the radar basketball prospects from Clearwater to Orlando. Just over 60 kids took the floor this past Sunday to compete, catch the attention of area scouts and cement themselves in our database.

Lots of kids did very well. A few kids really grabbed our attention because we were unaware of their ability. WE KNOW NOW! Intended to give local kids an option to compete in their own back yard and expose them to outside talent evaluators and college basketball coaches, Breakdown was successfully and the troops enjoyed the camp. Take a look at a few kid that really impressed HERE.

More observations coming throughout the week.