Brand New Surprises from E7

Will Proctor, Newsome RB

We host these competitive events so we have a chance to learn about more kids in a controlled environment. Naturally, the more the kids put themselves in front of us, the more the names will be on the tip of the tongue. However, each event several kids will jump out. The kids we knew little about that will force us to dig deeper and learn more about them.

Surprises by Class

Bruce Anderson, Newsome RB – Pass protected very well, good speed and feet.

Wesley Eveld, Jesuit QB – Best BCP showing to date. Threw the ball with confidence

Dayton Feiden, Sunlake QB – Challenged for MVP honors. Good ball handling and arm strength.

Mark Maynes, Fivay OL – Not bad footwork and worked his technique. Good hand placement and movement.

Brendon Kozcki, Wiregrass Ranch WR – Ran good routes, caught the ball with concentration, limited body catches.

Keshon Hopkins, Crystal River WR – athletic with great concentration.

Nasir Core, Freedom QB – Threw the ball with authority. Mixed in with some strong QBs and held his own with accuracy and arm strength.

Alex Ellison, Crystal River RB – Caught the ball well and pass protected like a champ. Quick feet and explosive.

Will Proctor, Newsome RB – Caught the ball really well vs. the LBs and safeties.

Sam Hill, Wiregrass Ranch LB – Took coaching really well and showed agility and footwork.