BOOM! Beck blowing up

Andrew Beck
Plant 2014 LB

– 6 foot 3 inches, 227 pounds
– 11 reps of 185 lbs on the bench press
– 4.56 40 yard dash
– 8’2 broad jump
– 4.56 short shuttle

Andrew Beck, Plant
Andrew Beck, Plant

A week removed from being named co-LB MVP at the annual Ignite Elite Showcase, Beck has become very popular. Grabbing a bunch offers including Boston College, SMU, Miami, Kentucky and UCF. We took a second and asked beck a few questions about the week that was.

BCP: Ignite MVP, what was you initial reaction?

Beck: I was shocked! There were a lot of very impressive athletes out there, especially at linebacker.

BCP: Two year Ignite participant, what is the difference between Ignite and other showcases?

Beck: Ignite is truly in a class of its own. The athletes are always pushing it harder than any other place, and the coaches are always great. They are really what separates it from other showcases.

BCP: What are your plans for the offseason (College visits, camps, etc.)?

Beck: I plan on making a lot of college visits this summer. Coach Weiner is the one that helps us plan all that and recommends which camps and campuses to go visit.

BCP: Who is the first person you expressed your excitement to after receiving the Miami offer?

Beck: After I received my offer, the first person I went to is my dad, and it was that way with my Kentucky offer too. He is a role model for me and too see the excitement for me on his face is a very good feeling for me.

BCP: What college staff has been the most aggressive so far with recruiting?

Beck: The most aggressive staff towards me has been Miami. I’ve been contacted by several of their coaches and they all seem very excited for me and they all constantly tell me about all the great things Miami is doing and has to offer me as a student athlete.

BCP: What’s you childhood favorite college team?

Beck: My favorite college team growing up was the University of Texas Longhorns.

BCP: If you get an offer from Texas, would they become #1 on your list?

Beck: I don’t know if Texas would automatically become number one. Coach Weiner is very good about reminding us to keep an open mind and weigh all of the pros and cons of each school. It has been a while since I have been in Austin and would definitely want to check it out again and compare it to other schools I have seen before I start ranking them.