Bogie going about it the right way

Tropical Depression…gone. Sun…starting the peek out from behind the clouds and the field drench from the rain the past 10 hours. That didn’t stop the Boca Ciega Pirates from hitting the field with tempo and energy. Tone set by 6th year head coach Max Smith, directed his Pirates to a 5-4 record and first playoff appearance since 2007.

Organized – Glaring was the organization of the practice. For the most part every kid, including the junior varsity players knew where and when they were to be on the field. Periods/Segments were on the clock and a steady rotation between drills.

Coaching – Lots of good coaching going on. At every position coaches were hitting the details and stressing expectations. For the most part, every player responded positively to the high energy and high demanding staff at Boca. Refreshing to say the least.

Energy – If there was an award of most intense head coach, Max Smith would be in the running. Coach Smith, freed up from coaching an individual position, he roams his field making stops at every position and barking exceptions mixed with motivation.

Wayne Williams DT – Did not get to see any live action because the players did not have pads on and to evaluate defensive linemen, pads are needed. But love the body on the young man. Super disruptive last season.

Osby Green 2018 QB – Never discussed when it comes to the top quarterback conversations in Pinellas County. Maybe because his looks more like a college running back. Able to do everything Coach Smith wants in their offensive scheme.

Dominic Sourie 2018 SAF – Could be one of the most underrated secondary players in Pinellas County. “6-1ish” player with a strong lower body.

Julian Hawkins 2020 DL – is expected to be really productive this season. Nice frame with room to grow and plenty of reach.

It's about effort at Bogie… #hsfb

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