Blitz Package Agenda – September 8th, 2015

**BCP’s Sweet Sixteen–the reaction to how last week’ sixteen fared and the feedback on what this week’ teams look like.
**5 teams poised for a comeback–there’s some teams that are going through some major adversity already. We talk about those teams that could weather the storm and pull themselves back into contention.

**eye-opening results from Week 2–were there some shockers? We talk about which results had us needing to close our jaws and pinch ourselves to make sure those games actually happened.
**players poised for conversation–Preston and Doug talk about the players from around the six counties that have started fast and what to expect from them as the season progresses.

**concerned about any teams?–plenty of 0-2 teams that have our eyebrows raised; plenty of teams that are even 1-1 or 2-0 that may need improvement. Preston and Doug talk about those teams.
**games of the week (the dirty dozen)–we’ve got plenty of games throughout the coverage area that have caught our attention. We give you those games and why.