Big Moment: 2020 Tampa Bay Tech OT Michael Moment Isn’t Here For Handouts

“Just seeing the opposing team gets me going because I feel we’re the better team every time- it gets me hot to just show up and show out…” ~ Michael Moment, Tampa Bay Tech Titans

Tampa, September 4, 2019- In anticipation of these Friday night lights, we present you with some insight on a standout and key contributor ahead of the awaited Tampa Bay Tech (2-0) verse Hillsborough (1-0) showdown. This frontline force WILL knock your block off and WILL be one of many defining factors on the final outcome- the magic starts upfront folks.

“The first time I played football was my freshman year on JV. Hard work pays off, and I’m just trying to outwork everybody; you stand out more, plain and simple. Our team is coming together well on both sides. The younger guys motivate me the most- showing them what you can provide. I feel like if you do things a certain way, guys will fall in line and do better than the next man and just compete game in and game out,” states offensive tackle, Michael Moment on what keeps him motivated to execute his position consistently.

“I talk to our sophomore left guard, Omarion Hopkins (5’8″ 315 pounds) next to me, saying watch this guy or do this- things like that. I know I have to kick out and beat [my opponent] off the line; with the run block, I have to be faster than the ball and hit the other guy in the mouth. You really have to communicate and keep your eyes up,” explains Mike about what’s going on before the snap.

Michael also emphasized to me that, of course, being in optimal shape is a key factor he’s come to terms with. All offseason he set his eyes on losing weight and getting stronger, losing twenty-five pounds. When he didn’t have a gym membership he’d push to do 200 push-ups and some sit-ups (wow); along with switching up to a healthier diet and a heavy, quality H20 intake.

Michael’s sheer size at an unforgivable 6’3″ 298-pounds and powerful motor work to his unrelenting advantage and the best part about his attributes as an athlete? He doesn’t think twice about wanting to pass on the knowledge that he’s absorbed as a now, four-year baller to younger, aspiring players.

“Be aggressive and give it your all every rep, because you never know when it’ll be your last. Talking outside of football though, I would like a business in photography and helping kids out with their futures by passing on what I’ve learned- football or not.”  

“As far as the recruitment process goes, I have one offer from Edwards Waters so far. Schools like UCF, Toledo, Louisville, and Clemson have got in touch with me, along with a few other colleges.”


“My favorite part about being an offensive tackle is just flat-out, pancaking somebody. They’ll be talking smack before the play and they know I’m coming, and then they get mad because they know they can’t stop it. The hardest part is overthinking things sometimes- I’m getting better at just not thinking too much and just going.”

The senior leader has taken some names, forcing opponents to fall victim to his brutish blocks when he assumed a starting role on varsity as a junior. In 6 games and counting according to MaxPreps, Moment has racked up 12 count em’ 12 pancake blocks and recovered a fumble in his high school football campaign thus far. Head on swivel players, or you might be the next guy with a chunk of gridiron in your helmet.


The passionate lineman finishes, “Offensive tackle Will Putnam at Clemson is someone I look up to. My coach showed me him and I met him at Clemson at a camp when I was up there; he’s a dog out there. I have to focus and execute my assignments to reach that next level. I’ve been watching the film all week- their defense is set up as a 3-4 defense. I feel like we can go out there and get the ‘W’ if everybody does their job.”

Big Mike and the Tampa Bay Tech Titans will clash with the Hillsborough Terriers in an away, non-conference matchup this Friday at 7:30 pm. Show out people!

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor