Big County Preps E7TC Camp Produces Standout Quarterbacks with Exceptional Skills

*Date: 7/31/23

*Tampa, FL* – The Big County Preps Elite 7 Team Camp (E7TC) took place on 7/22/23, and it was a showcase of young football talent from across the region. Among the participants, several quarterbacks stood out with impressive performances, demonstrating their exceptional skills and potential. Here are the top quarterbacks who made a mark at the prestigious camp:

**Xzavier Jackson – Tampa Bay Technical High School (Class of 2025)**
Xzavier Jackson, turned heads with his exceptional accuracy and arm talent. Despite his young age, Jackson displayed poise and composure, making precise throws and connecting with his receivers with ease. Coaches and scouts were impressed with his football IQ and decision-making, making him one to watch in the coming seasons.

**Cayden Thomas – J.W. Mitchell High School (Class of 2026)**
Cayden Thomas, representing J.W. Mitchell High School, made a strong impression with his outstanding footwork and quick release. His ability to move swiftly in the pocket and release the ball rapidly caught the attention of onlookers. With his natural talent and raw potential, Thomas showcased why he could be a formidable force on the field in the near future.

Cayden Thomas – J.W. Mitchell High School

**Rhys Brush – Armwood High School (Class of 2026)**
Armwood High School’s Rhys Brush exhibited excellent control and mechanics, leaving a lasting impact on camp attendees. Brush demonstrated a high level of football intelligence, making precise reads and throws throughout the camp. As he refines his skills, he has the potential to become a formidable quarterback in the upcoming years.

**Landen Holley – East Lake High School (Class of 2027)**
Landen Holley, the youngest quarterback at the camp from East Lake High School, impressed scouts and coaches with his accuracy and poise. Despite his age, Holley showcased great maturity on the field, making him a standout prospect for the years to come. With continued development, he has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with in the quarterback position.

Landen Holley – East Lake High School

**Joe Glennon – Alonso High School (Class of 2025)**
Joe Glennon from Alonso High School showcased his skills at the camp, displaying good footwork and mechanics. His solid all-around performance demonstrated his dedication to the sport and the potential for growth in his game. As he continues to refine his talents, Glennon is likely to be a name heard more often on the football scene.

**Dillon Rose-Bailey – Bloomingdale High School (Class of 2026)
Dillon showcased an impressive performance that left spectators in awe. With exceptional accuracy and a remarkable arm talent, Rose-Bailey displayed a level of skill beyond his years. His precise throws hit targets with precision, and his powerful arm allowed him to effortlessly make deep passes with ease.

The Big County Preps E7TC camp was a valuable opportunity for these young athletes to showcase their talents and gain exposure to college coaches and scouts. With such a talented group of quarterbacks, the future of football in the region looks promising. As they continue their development and hone their skills, these young athletes have the potential to make a significant impact on the sport in the coming years.

*Note: The information provided is based on the performances observed during the Big County Preps E7TC camp. The athletes’ progress and achievements in their respective careers may vary over time.*