BHSN and BCP debate the hardest hitter in the bay

Twitter conversation which prompted the debate

OK, the title makes it seem more than what it really is. But, the debate is an annual one. Not necessarily between BHSN and BCP, but between Bay Area football fans. Who is the biggest hitter in Tampa Bay and surrounding counties?

My good buddy, Ryan Bass (BHSN) posted a comment on twitter that immediately grabbed my attention. As BHSN was conducting their top 30 photoshoot, Mr. Bass stated that Lake Gibson 2014 DB, Kendall Gant was arguably the hardest hitter in the Bay Area. I always felt that Kyle Gibson or Derwin James were the big bangers in the area.

To his point, we jokingly exchanged tweets which ended on “Let’s put them to the test” statement. So I went and dug up some film and decided to let the people decided. Below is 2012 film on each prospect debated. All bring the thump in their respective hilites. But you can only pick one of the three.



Kendall Gant, Lake Gibson 2014 DB
– Gets good around the 1:40 mark

Kyle Gibson, Armwood 2014 S
– Gets good around the :50 second mark

Derwin James, Auburndale 2015 ATH
– Gets good around the :30 second mark