BCP Skills Camps Showcase Some of the Finest Local Instructors in the Biz

Seffner, June 28, 2018 – As Coaches, parents and local competitors took to the field this past Saturday, one thing was clear to me- with a supportive cast, these athletes will make most of the given opportunity, thrive off the energy and certainly the testosterone in the air! Now, some words of wisdom from the motivators I had a chance to speak with, who always give a valiant effort and their utmost attention to young, knowledge-hungry high school prospects.

“I like skills camps the most, they work a lot of fundamentals, footwork, and hand placement drills- something that’s going to benefit these kids down the road, these camps are good for absorbing more outside knowledge. We are young at Durant, been working really hard during summer with camps, but what we put on the field in spring is not what we’re going to take to the Friday night lights; we’re going to come out against Blake and look a lot different from the offseason. To see these kids grow and achieve their goals- that’s enough payment for me, first comes grades, second is fundamental skill and I think just coming out here and teaching these guys about life skills in football and the outlet it provides for them as young men is my favorite part,” says Durant O-line Coach Wyatt zealously.

“Right now we are trying to build kids up, running it as close to a college program as we can, getting them in shape and stronger for the season. Going into my 4th season it’s been a process, and now we have a lot of talent out there- our goals are district championships and the playoffs and talking about State Title so I think these are all obtainable. I like to teach my kids to do WHATEVER you can do to get better, get all the work in, and it’s my first year out here with BCP, so it’s cool just grind with kids I don’t get to work with and hopefully I can give some knowledge to them to progress themselves, football is year around- no breaks. We want to keep on building this great program and change the history of Bloomingdale,” Wide Receiver Coach for Bloomingdale, Jairus Foster states compassionately.

“We are a holistic mentoring company that Trains, Motivates, and Empowers young adults in communities. I’ve coached at many different high schools, so our strength is being able to coach kids from all over, taking whole competitiveness and displaying it to neutral location for free- Our Outreach camp program has connected us with about 4,000 kids from the inner city, and we’ve been with BCP and Preston for three years. The goal is to expose these kids to experience, only bringing coaches in from the next level, and on and off the field we educate and inspire them. Been doing this for five years; just getting out and moving is what we’re all about with the kids,” Coach Joshua Balloon, G3 Life applications explains wholeheartedly.

All in all, it comes down to sharing the common end-goal and that is these mentors live for making these young up n’ coming athletes into responsible, respectable men, teaching the life lessons and adversity the game of football offers, embracing the process, to say the least!

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor