BCP Presents: The 2015 E7 Summer MVP’s

Wharton's Richard Drummond at E7 Summer
Wharton’s Richard Drummond at E7 Summer

LAND O’LAKES – It was on-and-poppin’ off Collier Parkway in Pasco County on Sunday afternoon as the final event in BCP’s E7 Event Series took place featuring tons of underclassmen, but it was the Class of 2016 taking home all-but one of the MVP awards. We can guarantee you’ll hear more about these young men as the summer progresses and beyond, but for now let’s give you the quick rundown on our newest set of MVP’s and what today’s performances mean for them.

QB – Bryce Martin, Wharton (6-1,172) -2016
Martin becomes the third Wildcat to join the Xecutives list at the end of the month. Wharton had just one guy on that list at the start of the day, but the ‘Cats saw that number not only double, but triple as two of their own took home top honors for best in their position group. The senior took advantage of the youth movement that was present at that spot and delivered an extremely consistent performance on the day. But don’t let “consistency” be a code word for something negative. This young man did exactly what he was coached up to do and executed everything he was asked to do.

RB – Glass Wilson V, Ridgewood (5-10,185) -2016
The momentum continues to build for this young man following a productive session at USF on Saturday in front of the USF and Michigan contingencies. Wilson already held an invite in his possession for the end of the month, but it just goes to show the kind of competitor this young man really is. He beat out some pretty stiff competition within this group during the course of drills and 1-on-1’s and you can bet he won’t be satisfied unless he’s earned yet another MVP later this month.

WR – Ardarius Hall, Hillsborough (5-2,118) -2016
Nope. Those dimensions are not a typo. If we’re gonna keep it one-hundid, then let’s talk about the DB’s that were giving the side-eye specials to this senior and how they were casually wanting no part of this dude’s offerings from the kitchen once they saw the knives he was cutting with. One of the best parts about this young man is absolutely no words came from his mouth once it was time to take rep; he just went out there and did his job. Hall becomes the sixth Terrier to make the Xecutives list.

TE – Mykh’ael Chavis, Zephyrhills Christian Academy (5-11,205) -2017
The lone member of the Class of 2017 to win an MVP on the day, Chavis becomes the third Warrior to make Xecutives joining Darrell Cook and Isaac Johnson. Chavis’ feet and smooth transition out of his breaks to combine with his boulder-sized frame make him a real issue for LB’s and DB’s that aren’t paying attention, because he’s got great hands and good speed already with plenty of room to grow.

OL – Shane McGough, Gaither (6-2,265) -2016
We were wondering if (or better yet when) this was gonna happen and Sunday was as good a time as any for McGough to beat out some of the meanest bullies we’ve seen attend this event. The ruckus from this group was loud early-and-often and McGough was on top of the mountain once the scrum was complete. This group was almost too close to call at times with all of the big fellas getting good work. Shane’s the second member of Gaither to make the end of the month’s event along with Decalon Brooks.

DL – Richard Drummond, Wharton (6-1/285) -2016
As mentioned earlier, Drummond is the second Wildcat to take home MVP honors on the day as we all learned a valuable lesson in hair loss as well from this young man. His purpose on Sunday was beyond worrying about the multiple dreadlocks he literally had pulled from his head as a result of several O-lineman’s sub-obtimal attempts to derail this freight train. One of Drummond’s biggest attributes on the day was his ability to take some really hard coaching and was able to process immediately what was being instructed which turned into success.

LB – Tyler Mirabella, Steinbrenner (6-0,215) -2016
Not too many of the fellas out there were working harder and providing leadership to the young bucks than this young man. Mirabella was certainly on our radar pre-event and he didn’t disappoint. It’s easy to point out how coachable he is, but just as easy to highlight how technically sound he is as well. Mirabella was fluid in his movement throughout the day in drills and was constantly in the right place in his 1-on-1’s. Tyler joins teammates Patrick Lukert from Steinbrenner in this position group and makes the third Warrior representative with Andre Washington at the DL spot.

CB – Donte’ Glover, Blake (5-11,183) -2016
Glover possesses every bit of the cornerback’s swag and me-against-the-world attitude that makes them so lovable (if they’re on your team) or unlikeable (if they’re matched up against your teams’ WR); either way Blake’s got a special talent on their hands with this one. Glover might not have won EVERY match-up on the day, but none of the CB’s or Safeties could make that claim either. Glover’s recovery speed and freakish athleticism certainly justify his placement on the island and we can guarantee it won’t be fun throwing to his side this fall.

S – Douglas Farmer, Land O’Lakes (6-0,202) -2016
This Gator brought his A-game on Sunday and protected his home turf posting an extremely solid performance. Great frame plus great instincts make him extremely intriguing to watch at the end of the month and during the regular season for Land O’Lakes. Farmer showed fantastic usage of his strength to break up passes as well as get his hips and feet in concert in transition during coverage in 1-on-1’s.