We dipped into our Instagram analytics to see which posts really got the crowd moving the past seven days. If you have not seen these yet, please view. Especially the videos. Some good stuff here. Below are the the post with the most reach, impressions, engagement, likes, views and saved over the past seven days.

MOST LIKED, MOST REACH, MOST IMPRESSIONS, MOST ENGAGEMENT is this practice image of Isaiah Knowles from Seffner Christian Academy. Pretty crisp shot showing the throwing motion of the sophomore QB.

Seffner Christian looking for a big Friday night win for #homecoming!

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MOST COMMENTED on is this outstanding kickoff return by Jeremiah Ashe from Freedom. Over 50 comments about this outstanding play. See some of the conversation on this post. But, what makes this return even better is that his teammates didn’t do a dang thing but celebrate the return. There was a total of one block by the team in white and 10 of 11 players in black surrounding the ball at one points.

Submitted to us by @tnm2.0. This is a dope KOR. Tag someone who might be impressed. 😲

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MOST SAVED was a video clip of an outstanding one-handed catch by Curtis Thomas. This clip has been saved a total number of 126 times and views nearly 18,000 times to date.

Curtis Thomas class of 2020 with the 1-handed end zone snag. 😲 #hsfootball

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