Alabama defeated Georgia, that’s a given. Remember way back when Florida beat Tennessee this year? Well…they did and beat the Vols the same way Bama defeated UGA.

Both Tennessee and Georgia were playing an even front, with two backers in the box and a two-high shell (two safeties up top). The coverage is ultimately cover-2 by both teams on defense. May have been a combo coverage where cover-4 was being played on the strong side. Doesn’t matter, the play side was cover-2 for both Tennessee and Georgia.

Now look at the offenses. Both QBs in the gun with the running back to the weak side. Ball is on the hash with nearly the same splits by the receivers. Both Bama and UF in a 3×1 formation to the field.

Pay attention to the routes by the single side receiver and the #3 receiver to the field. Single WR is going to run a go route up the sideline and the #3 WR is going run and drag route one yard past the first down marker. The weak side safety is the read. If he freezes or drops to attack the drag, the QB throws the deep route to the single side WR. THAT’S IT! Exactly what happened to both defenses.

WHY PLAY THIS COVERAGE? It’s a great call on defense if the players execute. Depending on the time and down, the defense must protect the first down marker not allowing the offense to get another set of downs. In a PERFECT WORLD, the safety does his job and protects the deep half. The weak side CB will re-route the deep route and then attack the drag if thrown and hit it right in the mouth with help from the linebackers. EVERYTHING COVERED. But…this happens below…