Auburnadale’s Artavis Pierce, putting the work in

Artavis Pierce at the BHSN/BCP 2014 Ignite Showcase

The 2016 class has some interesting prospects. One being 5-10/181 lbs 2016, Artavis Pierce from Auburndale. This young man is rising on the BCP recruiting list because of his size, ability and attitude. Below are his 2014 BHSN/BCP Ignite Showcase numbers:

4.56 forty 7.87 3 cone 4.31 shuttle 21.05 med ball 9.02 broad jump

What his numbers don’t reflect is his drive. He can tell you better than we can. Mr. Pierce gave us a few minutes of his time and let us into his world.  Se what drives Artavis below.

BCP: What attracted you to the game of football?BCP: Was football your first love? If not which sport was?
AP: Football was my first love. I started to play football at the age of 4 and I’ve haven’t missed a year since. I played little league Baseball, played grade school basketball and ran track. But football is where my heart is.

AP: The things that attracted me to the game of football were seeing how much fun you can have and seeing the mentality other players have. I love the competition and the brotherhood.

BCP: How would you critique your 2013 individual season?
AP: This season I felt like I had a good season. But, theirs some things I could’ve done better, like explode more off my cuts. Also, I can improve on my yards after contact and be more physical. Some of my strengths were following my blockers and reading the linebackers. I feel like my knowledge of the game and my competitiveness has also improved.

BCP: What goals have you established for this offseason?
AP: The goals I have set for myself this off-season is to first keep my G.P.A at a 3.0 average or better. I will also take my S.A.T May 3rd, 2014 to see my strengths and weakness to be ready for college expectations. This off season I will work twice as hard in the weight room and I will put in a lot of work in my position drills and attend as many camps as possible. Especially, all BCP events to learn as much techniques as possible.

BCP: What is your dream school?
AP: My dream school is the Florida Gators; I like their colors and uniform. They are close to my home.

BCP: What college and pro player do you idealize?
AP: The college player I idealize the most would have to be Todd Gurly from the Georgia Bulldogs. He is very quick and explosive and he has break-away speed. I strive to have his speed, quickness and play making ability. LaDainian Tomlinson is my favorite pro player. He is a work horse in every part of his position. L.T can do it all from between the tackles, outside, break away speed and catching the ball out the backfield. He is also a great pass blocker.

BCP: What have you learned over your past few BCP Events?

AP: Well, I learned a lot of things over the BCP events. The most two important things I learned at the running back position is ball security and pass protection. Also I have learned proper techniques to improve my performance. The BCP events helped me in school, in life and on the field.

BCP: What is the most enjoyable part of the BCP events you have attended?
AP: The most enjoyable part of the BCP event are the 1on1’s. The 1on1’s brings out skills and the mindset to compete. I always think I’m better then the man that’s guarding me. Just having fun competing keeps me hungry and working hard.

BCP: Are any schools showing recruiting interest yet?
AP: No schools are showing recruiting interest in me yet. But, this season they will hopefully have interest in me and my skill set. I will continue to attend BCP events to keep getting as much exposure as possible.

BCP: Do you plan on visiting any college campuses or attending any college football camps this off-season?
AP: I plan on visiting college campuses to see the environment, the program and the community surrounding the school. The University of Miami wants me to attend one of there camps in June. I am trying to attend as many college camps that I can.