1SportsRX presents a new age in recovery. Take advantage of our State-Of-The-Art athletic recovery program. The following packages were designed by our elite medical staff for an amateur to professional athletes. There are two different recovery packages available for the athlete. Below is a description of each style of treatment.

Bodywork | Cupping – This package is designed to be used during the week for muscle/tendon/ligament recovery. Depending on your level of play, bodywork allows the muscles to recover faster keeping you fresh on the field and out of harm’s way with injury.

Boots | Cryo | Sauna – This package is designed to be used during the week for overall system recovery and wellbeing. The body is under extreme stress during play and activity. With the technology used in this package, you can experience a full-body revamp to keep you feeling and performing at your best.

NOTE: You may combine these packages to fully take advantage of an elite form of RECOVERY. Most of our professional players are doing a combination of all throughout the week.

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