Dwayne Lawson, Hillsborough 2015 QB

Armwood at Hillsborough: QBs set the tone

Dwayne Lawson, Hillsborough 2015 QB
Dwayne Lawson, Hillsborough 2015 QB

In the books, Hillsborough versus Armwood series is even at 7 wins each. Mostly due to the four games Armwood was force to forfeit in 2010 and 2011. On the field, Armwood has defeated Hillsborough 10 times in 6 seasons and 11 times in 10 seasons. Hawks have outscored Hillsborough 385-187 (198 more points) and have produced 3 shutouts in this series. But could this year be different?

Both Hillsborough and Armwood have showed a weakness that neither team has shown in the past. Armwood is always a defensive training ground, but this year have allowed 91 total points. The Hawk defense allowed just 106 total points in the last two regular seasons (2011 – 52, 2010 – 54).

Hillsborough, traditionally a team that takes care of the football, has uncharacteristically turned the ball over 13 times in 6 games. That is roughly 2 turnovers each contest.

The game tonight will be determined by the signal callers. Darryl Richardson is midway through his second year as a high school starting QB. Hampered by a few injuries last season, Richardson has come on strong in 2012. Dwayne Lawson is just a sophomore and is midway through his first season as a high school starting quarterback for the Terriers. He has shown flashes of greatness.

Both QBs have been able to sling the ball this year. Senior QB, Darryl Richardson has completed 62 of his 114 passes, while Lawson is not far behind with 46 completions on 94 attempts. Both QBs have completed nearly 50% of their throws (Richardson .544, Lawson .489). The biggest margin of separation is the passing yards. Richardson has thrown for 1040 yards this year, averaging 173.3 yards per game. Lawson has thrown for 710 yards on the season while averaging 118.3 yards per game. It doesn’t hurt that Richardson as one of the most explosive playmakers in the state, Alvin Bailey, to throw the ball to.

Now as a veteran, Darryl Richardson has made strides as a starting QB. He has improved his TD to INT ratio with an amazing 13 TD passes and just 2 INTs. Lawson will learn with time as he gains experience and the coaches begin to open up the playbook more for him. Dwayne’s TD passes are matched by his interceptions (9).

Both of these 6-5 QBs have had their highs and lows. Each had outstanding games versus Leto, where Richardson completed .63% of his 24 passes for 331 yards and 5TDs. Lawson scratched up the stat book with 263 yards, 16 of 23 and 4TDs (.69 comp.%).

American Heritage gave Richardson and the Hawks fits. On that night and only loss of the season, Richardson was 11 of 26 for 165 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. In the upset game vs. Sickles, Lawson struggled. He ended the game with 2 INTs, completed just .31% of his passes and ended with 59 yards.

When the QBs are good, Armwood (6-1) and Hillsborough (5-1) are good too. The game tonight will be a battle of the signal callers. Someone will show greatness and someone will grow up. More importantly, a playoff spot is on the line. Armwood needs to win to prevent a possible 3way tie and secure a district title. Hillsborough is in a must win situation to at least put themselves in a position to force a 3way tie for second place or a possible district title (pending results of Sickles vs. Jefferson).

Armwood vs. Hillsborough series since 2005
2005 21-20 Hillsborough
2006 19-9 Armwood
2006 32-7 Armwood
2007 17-0 Armwood
2007 35-0 Armwood
2008 46-7 Armwood
2009 34-21 Armwood
2010 34-15 Armwood (Hillsborough awarded win via forfeit)
2010 39-6 Armwood (Hillsborough awarded win via forfeit)
2011 38-16 Armwood (Hillsborough awarded win via forfeit)
2011 23-0 Armwood (Hillsborough awarded win via forfeit)