Anticlimactic 6A Shutout: Armwood Consumed by Miami Northwestern

Orlando, December 9, 2018- The State hardware has escaped the Armwood yet again, and this year they didn’t even have a fighting chance. This matchup by far was the Hawk’s toughest testament of the season, and boy did some true colors show. Here’s a BCP breakdown of the afternoon madness that went down yesterday in Camping World Stadium.

The Northwestern Bulls crushed the Armwood Hawks 22-0 in a one-sided blowout. Competition in the 305 is HIGHLY stiff, and no matter how consistent Armwood had been, in this face-off, they didn’t hold a candle to the heart and grit Miami brought to the table. It’s serious business down South- they live for the outlet of football and it’s just a different animal all together. 

Miami Northwestern (229 miles away from stadium) had three times the number of crowd turn-out that Armwood had (73 miles away). Ouch- Dade County’s support system= unmatched. 

Armwood’s O-line didn’t show up with much of any presence as of course that’s not to say the Hawks’ season demise was all the front line’s fault by any means, but it does ‘start up front’ as they say. It’s not like Miami was holding the ball the whole time, as the two teams’ possession time was similar with NW at 25:20 and AW at 22:40. 

This is now AW’s 4th state title appearance in the last 5 years. Yet, the lack of experience in certain situations and no one seemingly to catch their young players’ fall when they’re down, led to back to back State Title wins now for Miami Northwestern. 

Stats for the Cats

1-number of passing yards Armwood had at the end of the first quarter.

16- number of points Northwestern defense scored going into 4th quarter, compared to their 6 on offense.

2- number of turnovers forced by Miami returned for a touchdown.

100- net rushing yards for the Bulls

17- net rushing yards for the hawks

256- total offensive yards for Miami on 58 plays

48- total offensive yards for Armwood on 44 plays

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor