Academics, dedication paving way for Sherit’s future

Jordan Sherit, Hillsborough, DE, 2013

TAMPA – For most students in Hillsborough High’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program, hours upon hours are spent in study, trying to gain an academic advantage over other students to highlight a career into college. But for the Terriers’ Jordan Sherit, there’s the added weight of football.

While he’s not fielding offers from the programs of Auburn, South Carolina, Miami, Vandy and USF, he’s hitting the books and the field. Sherit says his focus is balanced out, but his home life is all about keeping the grades in check.

“”In my household, you have to have the grades if you want to play (football),” said Sherit, who sports a 5.2 grade point average. “That has been implemented in me at a young age.”

The junior tight end/defensive end makes sure his dedication to school carries over to the game he loves and the team that surrounds him everyday. His goals for the future speak for themselves.

“I want to help Hillsborough High School win their first state championship,” said Sherit. “(And see the team) get better everyday.”

While the IB program has helped him rise above others in his class, the rules against talking with coaches outside class hurt his shot at a college football career early on, but since then Sherit says it’s thankfully been resolved.

“Just recently our new IB director is trying to make a rule where athletes and students aren’t allowed to leave class for a couple minutes to talk to college coaches or other personell. Two weeks ago, Georgia and Duke’s coaches came to speak with me, but I wasn’t permitted to speak with them,” said Sherit. “But my coach spoke with the principal and the district and I’m allowed to see coaches with permission of my teachers.”

He then added, “It hasn’t gotten in the way too much than those two schools.”

Even through the difficulties of IB and the communication block, Sherit says he is “blessed” to have what has been granted to him.

“I’m blessed to have the offers I have for the future.”