7 on 7 Observations, Chamberlain

Tampa, FL
Chamberlain High
April 20, 2011
7 on 7 Observations
Teams: Chamberlain, Jesuit, Middleton, Tampa Bay Tech.



The Chiefs are missing a gunslinger and a big time playmaker.  David Persaud (WR/DB), showed some “stuff”, made a few big plays and could end up being “That Guy” for the Green and Gold. Last night, they were up and down.  They looked good and showed promise at times from the skill positions. Then they looked confused and uncertain at every position.  The offensive concept is ok.  It looked like their passing game was short to intermediate routes.  They have some talent to catch the ball and defend the perimeter of the field.  I am unsure if the spread will be the base offense for the chiefs, but the question will be how to get the ball to the skill guys on the outside.


Sound group.  Last night, they were missing a few key guys and I believe some of the players that were getting reps were JV guys.  No Reggie Brown, Travis Johnson or Vincent Jackson, but they were still the best group out there.  Tommy Eveld did some very nice things.  Threw some beautiful seam routes and showed arm strength on his intermediate balls.  Jesuit showed a combination of cover 2 and cover 4 on defense.  The LBs look to be the strength of the pass defense right now.  Very organized bunch and they communicated well.


The Tigers were the most athletic crew last night.  Richard Benjamin was the best player on the field at each game.  Aaron Midthus, Tigers QB was up and down.  Many times he starred down his receivers and the secondary was able to get a jump on his balls.  But then, he would throw some great short balls and mid range balls where he looked like a legit college prospect.  Middleton’s secondary will end up being the strength of the defense, but they must learn to communicate and talk amongst each other.

Tampa Bay Tech.

Right now, the QB situation at TBT is what will take the most work.  The Titans will be fast in pass defense where they showed flashes of “Wow” last night.  But on offense, they are going to need a good downfield run game to help the inexperienced QBs they are working right now.  The transfer safety from East Bay, Trevon Graham, has a great frame and runs well.  He was all over the place last night, breaking up passes, intercepting ball and covering ground.  Even though, the QB spot is a work in progress, TBT moved the ball well at times and had a solid offensive pass game concept.