Sam Skinner, Bloomingdale DE

1. THE CLASS OF 2017 HAS POTENTIAL – DE Sam Skinner, QB Larry Dalla Betta, S Devan Barrett and S Antwoine Sims headlined a young group of skilled players who will be household names in the future. Plenty of work to be done. However and initial evaluation completed after yesterday’s performance.

2. MARC McCOY MAT BE THE BEST RECEIVER NOT MANY ARE TALKING ABOUT –When an athlete comes to a showcase, his primary objective should be to “Showcase.” Make the coaching staff recognize your play by your performance. McCoy did just that and more. He made some highlight plays that “Wowed” the crowed and had the defense scratching their heads. He showed understanding of spacing and holes in zone defenses. McCoy Arguably had the best day of all the MVPs. Hard to call, but he showed out!

3. THE MVPs EARNED IT! QB Shane Bucenell, Wiregrass 2015 – Another tough performance. Edged out some grinders. But in the end, made more plays. RB Bruce Anderson, Newsome 2015 made a name for himself. Had his way with the LBs in one on ones and good all around camp. WR Marc McCoy, Spoto 2015 see above for how his day went. TE Chris Barrett, Countryside 2016 has the size and showed the ability. OL Hal Roberson, Riverview 2015 had some stiff competition, but created separation in 1 on1s vs. the defensive line. DE Sam Skinner, Bloomingdale 2017 high motor kid. Took coaching well and won most of his battles in 1 on 1s. LB Nate Demint, Pinellas Park 2016 stood above the rest with a great start and even better finish. Showed athleticism and competitiveness. S V’Onte Williams, Wharton 2015 we could count on one hand how many footballs were caught on him during 1 on1s with the RBs and WRs. CB Marchalo Judge, Tampa Bay Tech 2016 CB has put together good performance after good performance at our events. Yesterday he completely shutdown the opponents.

4. WE DIDN’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT CRYSTAL RIVER football prospects prior to E7 Summer. We know plenty now. RB Alex Ellison has some good feet and a nice frame. WR Keshon Hopkins had a great day. Caught the ball really well. Both prospects are rising juniors as well as Giammona Griffin and CB Khyrel Harvey.

5. OFFENSIVE LINEMEN Rowdy Driggers, Lennard and Cole Boozer, Strawberry Crest are better than originally expected in showcase setting. Both lineman have been evaluated on film prior to E7 Summer and both showed well at E7 Warner. Because they performed well prior to the event, the headlights were on to pay more attention to them this time around. E7 Summer really helped their BCP prospect rating.