5 First year players to make an impact in 2014

V’Onte Williams, Wharton

This season, seems like more than before, the Big County Preps coverage area will have a bunch of first year impact players. During our spring practice visits and BCP Showcase series, we observed a number of players that will develop into college prospects and are expected to make a splash for their teams this year. Most of the kids are rising seniors who played another sport for the majority of their career, have been ineligible for different reasons or just decided they want to play football this year. Below are a few we expect to “Do Big Things” this season.

D’Montre Moore, Robinson 2015 DT – At the BCP/BHSN Ignite Showcase in January, he look really promising. We made some good notes to follow up once he put on pads. Fast forward to “when he put on pads” and he dang near looked unblockable. Moore will be an instant impact for the Knights defense that already consist of two pretty good defensive ends. The push Moore will provide in the middle of the defense will have running backs making the first move behind the line of scrimmage and QBs getting flushed out the pocket.

Jarvis Ross, Largo 2016 DE/TE – Largo has been an offense that punched the opponent in the mouth and ran the ball even when the defense knew it was coming. Expect a slight change this year. In part because QB Donavan Hale is a more seasoned player and the weapons he has to distribute the ball to. One of those that will help in both the run game and pass game is 6-3/235 TE/DE Jarvis Ross. When it comes to sealing the edge on run plays and providing a big target in the pass game, Ross will be their guy.

Josh Anderson, Lennard 2016 LB – When watching the spring game film of Mr. Anderson, you can see the inexperience with a trained eye. However, overshadowing the inexperience is his reaction and “thump.” First year players often are a step slow and don’t rely on coaching, yet athleticism. Opposite for Anderson. He reacts quickly and brings a boom on contact. We expect Lennard to be much better than past years. More talent than people expect from Ruskin. Starting point could be Josh Anderson. Let’s watch and see.

Kevon Woods, St. Petersburg 2015 WR – The St. Petersburg Green Devils have not been successful by passing the ball. They have made their mark by running the ball and keeping the defense guessing. But this season the ball could fly a little more than years past because of the athletes they have to catch the ball. Woods is on that list. A basketball player, wanting to find his way of the football field, the 6-5 receiver could be possession receiver and red zone threat.

V’Onte Williams, Wharton 2015 S – “I’m more hungry than ever to get on the field. My skills towards other DB’s are equal and better than the majority of them. Even though I haven’t played, I put in just as much work as anybody else that steps on the field.” Those are the words from BCP E7 Safety MVP, V’Onte Williams. Wharton has had some pretty good defensive backs that have worn the uniform and Williams could have a memorable senior year. Big, athletic, fast and skillful. If the first 3 games of the 2014 season goes as we expect, Williams will make a big impression on college coaches.