28 Teams, 28 9Route7v7 Observations

Alonso – Road the wave with back up QB Corey Thornton advancing to the Elite 8 with Tyrell Scott having a huge Saturday on offense.

Blake – Spotty this weekend, but feisty. The defense has a chance to be pretty good this year.

Boca Ciega – Derrick Cook was one of the most underrated QBs at FishHawk this weekend, but made some incredible passes!

Brandon – Surprise team of the Tournament with the best QB performance. Isaiah Alexander lit 9 Route on Fire!

Cambridge – Upset a few big schools and played fast and sound.

Chamberlain – This is for sure, the athletes are there! Chiefs showed skill and effort at 9 Route.

Clearwater – Garrison Bryant is arguably a Top 3 QB is Pinellas County.  A 9 Route, he showed with his arm and the weapons around him, the Tornadoes could make a mess this year!

Dixie Hollins – Tyrie Adams is big time. Each year he improves and the team rallies around him.  Made some special passes this past weekend.

East Bay – Eric Latortue is more than just a DE or LB. This kid is a pretty good athlete. Played some TE and slot at 9 Route and did it well.

Freedom (TPA) – This group has a little spunk.  Really enjoyed how they played on defense and flew around.

Freedom (ORL) – More athletes than given credit for.  A few really nice receivers that made some big plays.

Gaither – Moving on without Alex McGough and the Cowboys are on the right path. The team showed guts and fight at 9 Route.

King – King QB Paul Arfaras, Dude was throwing some passes on a rope.  Made you want to scream a few were so pretty!

Lake Gibson – Arguably the most fundamental team of the tournament. They were like the San Antonio Spurs of 9 Route. No wonder they won so many games and ended as a Final 4 team.

Lake Wales – Starting QB, Xavier Gaines was absent, so not a good indication of the teams skill level.  However, Never once did it look as it they were defeated or wanted to make an excuse because they were not at full strength.

Lakewood – It’s debatable, but Ryan Davis could be the best returning QB in Pinellas County. Threw some heat this weekend and looks to understand Corey Moore’s offense pretty well now.

Pinellas Park – The wing T team did exactly what they would do during the season, run their stuff. They used 9 Route as a great practice tool and worked on what they wanted to improve on. With that said, they still made some highlights!

Spoto – The Spartans made teams scratch their heads. They played the right way; Hungry, fast and competitive. Lost to a better team in the championship game, but played at a championship level.

Steinbrenner – The Warriors made their mark on 9 Route this summer. They flat-out played better than expected. No way around it. The Warriors came to play on both sides of the ball and systematically moved the ball on offense and rarely broke on defense.

Strawberry Crest – If Tristan Hyde plays as he did in 2012 and the summer of 2014, Strawberry Crest will open eyes once again this season. Really Good 9 Route performance.

Tampa Bay Tech – The Champs! Enough said right? No! Lets say a little more. The Titans had the stingiest defense. They had the best receiver combo (Deon Cain and Daquon Green) and opportunistic young QB in Trent Wyatt. All the stars aligned and the Titans earned the Title!

Tampa Catholic – No Nate Craig this weekend, but the team thrived and leaned on other playmakers. The defensive secondary was the strength of the team.

Tarpon Springs – Tarpon played better than expected and Mitchell Wilcox proved to be an impact player on both sides of the ball, especially as a H-Back or TE.

University (ORL) – Elite 8 team.  Very well coached and nice offensive passing concept.

Wesley Chapel – Who is Jordan Goodloe?

Wharton – Auden Tate made his statement for top overall WR is the BCP area. He put on a clinic in a big way and played his size.

Wiregrass Ranch – No starting QB, Shane Bucenell but the Bulls performed as well as possible without being at full strength.

Zephyrhills – We expected the Dogs to do well and so they did.  The defense elevated the play of the team as a whole!