2016 Position Rankings: Day Four – DT and DE

We’re continuing to move forward towards the high school football season with our unveiling of position rankings for the 2016 season. This will be a multiday series, giving you our top five in every position. The big thing to remember about this list is that it is NOT a college prospect list, these rankings are based on presumed production for this high school season. If these rankings doesn’t mirror what’s on our Fire Rankings, that’s because they’re not supposed to. These rankings are built on what a player did last year, and what we think they’re going to do this year, based on the team’s play style, players around them, etc.

Today, we’re breaking down the Top Five Defensive Tackles and Defensive Ends in the Bay Area.

Defensive Tackles:

Jordon Scott at the BCP Bull in the Ring back in April.
Jordon Scott at the BCP Bull in the Ring back in April.

1. Jordon Scott, 2017, Pinellas Park:


Have you ever watched Scott run? Well, if you have, has he ran at you? If so, you were probably pretty scared. Scott is a huge, menacing DT that will have an easy time expelling any offensive flames. He had nine sacks for the Pats in 2015, a top mark in the BCP area. He’s got the ability to both rush the passer and stop the run game. Florida grabbed him pretty quickly because of his ability to do just that, and to do it well. Next year, Scott enters a P-Park defense that features Shawn Binion on the same defensive line, and their combined production will be special to watch. Look for a big year not just out of Scott, but out of the entire Pinellas Park defensive line.

2. Jonathan King, 2018, Tampa Bay Tech:

One of the lost forgotten players out of the TBT defense, King had a fairly good year in 2015, taking the QB down six times in the course of the year. He was a major part of a frankly underrated defense. King will play alongside Paul Taylor, and the combo will turn some heads, especially in a 7A-9 that doesn’t specialize along the defensive line. Next year may be a turning point for the TBT program – watch for King to start the charge with Taylor along that D-Line.

3. Cam’ron Fowler, Northside Christian, 2017

4. J’Bril Glaze, 2017, Jefferson

5. Jaaron Jackson, 2018, Kathleen

Defensive Ends:

Zach Carter will be a menace for the Terriers in 2016.
Zach Carter will be a menace for the Terriers in 2016.

1. Zach Carter, 2017, Hillsborough:


Carter is one of the best ranked prospects, not just on our list, but on national lists, for a reason. He’s quite the talent for the Terriers. I love his ability to be mobile, and he’s got fantastic size – just what you need for the DE position in today’s game. He had 5.5 sacks in 2015 – something that will obviously improve this season, and he had 76 tackles in last year’s campaign. Carter will headline a host of Terrier defensive prospects, including Duran Bell and Ken Montgomery, but watch as this Terrier does everything he can to put his name all over the walls at Hillsborough – and to make all other players never forget his name.

2. Gavin Wyllie, 2017, Palm Harbor University:

He’s impressed in the time we’ve seen him perform over the summer, and this ‘Cane has improved since joining us for the first time this offseason. I really love his ability to play all over the defensive line, no matter if he’s at left end, right end, or defensive tackle, he’s going to play hard, and play well. Wyllie racked up eight sacks last year for the Hurricanes, as they will try to improve their pash rush in a tough 8A-6.Can Wyllie get up to ten sacks on the year? It’s certainly possible if he continues to grow and grow, like he’s done all summer.

3. Paul Taylor, 2017, Tampa Bay Tech

4. Bobby Roundtree, 2017, Largo

5. Corey Storr, 2017, Winter Haven