2014 ALL BCP

Player of the Year: RYAN DAVIS, LAKEWOOD 2015 DTQB

Player of the Year: RYAN DAVIS, LAKEWOOD 2015 DTQB
The 6-foot, 180-pound senior gave us an offensive show that deserved its own stint on Broadway amassing nearly 3,400 yards (1,233 rush, 2,140 pass) and responsible for 35 touchdowns (18 pass, 17 rush) for his Lakewood Spartans en route to a 9-4 record and regional finals berth in the Class 5A playoffs. Safe to assume BCP’s P-O-Y is on the VERY short list of most “valuable” players in the entire state when you factor the production in games in which he singlehandedly took his offense to the next level. Davis averaged virtually a first down every time he rushed (9.6-ypc), 14 yards-per-throw, scored 6 TD’s twice (Gibbs, Dunedin) in a game this season, has a four-touchdown game to his credit versus Palmetto and found the end zone at least 3-times on five separate occasions. All of that he only threw four interceptions and lost ONE fumble. Let’s call that efficient, shall we?

The only thing(s) you ask (better-yet DEMAND) as a coach and a teammate of your signal-caller is seasonal improvement (progression from one year to the next) and that they may deliver said positive progression with consistency. Enter the Marauders’ Jeff Smith; the 6-foot-1, 180-pounder delivered with over 3,400-yards and 34 touchdowns for CCC (11-2). That’s a stark contrast from the 2013 season, where Smith was held to just under 2,000 all-purpose yards, a 7TD-to-11INT ratio, and just 14 TD’s in-total. Smith scored 5TD’s twice versus formidable opponents Ocala-Trinity Catholic and Jacksonville-University Christian while recording 3-four TD games versus Jesuit, Anclote and Fort Myers-Bishop Verot. It is safe to assume that they will be talking about this young man at CCC for generations to come.

Defensive Player of the Year: AUSTIN YELOUSHAN, SUNLAKE 2015 ILB
Yes, that’s correct; someone from outside of the “traditional” programs is the top player on the defensive side of the ball. Although it takes a little bit of effort for some of the “traditionalists” to remember that they do play a special brand of football in Pasco County, it takes all of about 3 plays during a Sunlake defensive series to realize that #44 is-and-will-always-be THE big-man-on-campus and at 6-foot-2, 225-pounds this man looks like a freight train hitting a parked car full of water balloons when he hits you squared-up. The senior Seahawk tallied 137 tackles (93 solo), while accumulating an insane 15.5 sacks, causing 6 fumbles while falling on three of those for Sunlake turnovers. Wherever the young man lines up next season in college, it is safe to assume there will be OL’s, RB’s and QB’s not happy about having to game plan for a true freshman like they will for Yeloushan; no matter what level it is.

Specialist Player of the Year: DANIEL LACAMERA, EAST LAKE 2015 K
The most-hated, most-loved, most-enigmatic “human being” on a football team’s roster; the kicker. Or in high school, the guy who is usually a stud at soccer that also knows how to kick with pads on. So many jokes have been made, yet so many fates have been rested upon the sometimes-not-worthy-of-weight-bearing-shoulder-and/or-legs of these guys. Not everyone can do ONE of these jobs well at the professional level; let alone both of these jobs at the high school level. There’s a lot that can go wrong; (*cough* did you see the state finals?) It also takes minimal effort to appreciate the weapon this young man became for the 13-1 Eagles this season. 5,163 total kickoff yards, 70 (S-E-V-E-N-T-Y) touchbacks, a 40yd punt average with 8 punts pinning the opponent inside the 20-yard line, 56-of-60 PAT’s (that’s 8 TD’s worth of extra points) and 13-of-20 (65%) of his FG’s on the season. That’s more than 30 teams in the state of Florida’s entire season-scoring outputs.

Win state titles in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; check. Win state titles in Lakeland, Florida; check. Not a bad resume if you’re a golfer on the Nationwide or Hooters Tours; an even better resume if your at the helm of two different high school football programs. In just a New York-minute, Lewis has parlayed a sterling reputation from the Palmetto State to a scolding hot list of qualifications as one of the fastest risers in the Sunshine State. With Lewis at the helm, there’s little reason to think that he and his VC faithful will suffer the cruel and unusual fate of the small-schools now that historically one of the best group of players since the schools’ inception has passed on. He’s one of the best around already, and the best is yet to come.

Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk County players considered


1st Team Offense

PSQB Christian Alexander, Lakeland Christian 2015 – Blew it up this year leading his team to an 11-2 season record while completing 0.60 of his passes for 2847 yards and 37 passing TDs.

DTQB Dwayne Lawson, Hillsborough 2015 – Lawson had another incredible season. His Terriers finished 9-2 with him behind center. His 3311 total yards and 38 total TDs helped!

RB Chris Schwarz, River Ridge 2016 – The surprise of the year and a bull of a runner. The King of the Knights rushed for an amazing 2689 yards, 224 yards per game and 27 TDs.

RB Ray-Ray McCloud III, Sickles 2015 – Another solid year for Hillsborough County’s career rushing record holder. McCloud gave us 1960 yards this season, 176 yards a game and 16 times he scored.

RB Malik Davis, Jesuit 2017 – We knew the talent was there and this was the year Davis put it on display for the football world to see. The sophomore Tiger rushed for a big 1728 yards, averaging 6.9 yards per rush and 18 TDs.

WR Alvin Harper Jr., Victory Christian 2015 – Harper moved into the area and built a fort. Captivated the gurus with 1332 receiving yards on 68 catches and 16 receiving TDs.

WR RB Marlow, Lakeland Christian 2016 – 65 catches, 1118 receiving yards and 16 TDs is good enough to raise an eyebrow or two. Marlow was the primary target and came through in every game.

WR Diontae Johnson, Lennard 2015 – Johnson punched through opposing defenses in several different ways. Did the most damage at receiver. Ended his senior year with 1017 yards and 9 TDs.

TE Mitchell Wilcox, Tarpon Springs 2015 – A good TE can make an offensive coordinator look like a genius. Wilcox was a two-way player for his career and provided security at TE (347 yards, 21 catches, 3 TDs).

OT Jake Fruhmorgen, Plant 2015 – Rarely was beat this season. Entered the season recovering from shoulder surgery and ended the season dominating on the offensive line.

OT Michael Arnold, Winter Haven 2015 – The anchor of arguably the areas best offensive line unit. Showed great feet and power.

OG Julian Santos, East Lake 2016 – Versatile lineman that was able pull and lead block for pro-style East Lake offense. Very nimble and aggressive.

OG Hal Roberson, Riverview 2015 – Was not one of the big names on the offensive line. However, was very much so one of the most dominating. Earned the respect of his opponents with his play.

OC Baveon Johnson, Lake Gibson 2016 – Started the season at offensive tackle. Personnel required him to move to center. He learned the position in a hurry and really became good at it. That’s an understatement.

UTL Jaylen Pickett, Zephyrhills 2015 – Played several different positions. 1173 rush yards, 17 total TDs, 77 tackles at LB and safety and also intercepted 4 passes.

ATH Deon Cain, Tampa Bay Tech 2015 – 1065 pass yards, 1892 rush yards, 3017 total yards, 24 total TDs. Really put the team on his back the second half of the season.

ATH Daniel Davis, Tarpon Springs 2015 – 2259 all-purpose yards, 23 total TDs, 22 tackles, 2 INTs. Slippery and elusive. If you want to get your money worth, seeing this guy play would have you paying for season tickets!

PK Sterling Hofrichter, Armwood 2015 – 8/11 FG, 47 long, 61/65 PAT

R Davontae Harrington, Dixie Hollins 2015 – 855 total return yards, 1 punt return TD, 1 KOR TD. Big things come in small packages and Harrington changed the field position for the offense almost each time he touched the ball.

1st Team Defense

Defensive Player of the Year: AUSTIN YELOUSHAN, SUNLAKE 2015 ILB
Defensive Player of the Year: AUSTIN YELOUSHAN, SUNLAKE 2015 ILB

DE Shavar Manuel, Blake 2016 – This was Shavar’s most complete season. Fought though injury while bagging 20 sacks, 61 tackles, 16 tackles for loss and created 5 fumbles. Played defensive tackles and defensive end each game.

DE Byron Cowart, Armwood 2015 – 12 sacks on the season while constantly being double-teamed. Did not play like a first team selection early in the season. But really got going once the Hawks hit their stride. Proved he was a dominant end totaling 68 tackles, 21 TFLs and 5 caused fumbles.

DE Reuben Jones, Lake Gibson 2015 – High motor, speed rusher. Lake Gibson’s defensive line was one of the best in the area and Jones owned his side of the line (10 sacks, 71 tackles, 14 TFLs).

DT Jeremy Ware, Armwood 2015 – While teams focused on stopping Byron Cowart, Ware thrived: 12 sacks, 58 tackles, 20 TFL. All his numbers came from EFFORT! Never took a play off.

DT Keyshon Camp, Lake Gibson 2016 – 6 sacks from the interior of the defense, 60 tackles and 16 TFLs. Camp was a bull in the middle of the defensive line.

DT Justin Oliver-Kendrick, Tarpon Springs 2016 – Who? Well, go take a look at his film. You’ll see many of his 8 sacks, 93 tackles and 27.5 tackles for loss.

ILB Cecil Cherry, Victory Christian 2015 – Almost was of Defensive Player of the Year selection. Improved his game and stats: 2 sacks, 95 solo, 160 tackles, 9 TFL, 4 CF, 4 INTs. The interceptions showed how hard he worked to improve his lateral movement and pass drops.

ILB Jordan Griffin, Armwood 2015 – Consistent production over his high school career. Left everything on the field each game. His 9 sacks, 80 solos, 139 tackles, 9 TFL and 2 CF was parallel to every other season he has played.

ILB Joe Ryan, Plant 2016 – One heck of a player. Has a nose for the ball and attacks ball carriers. A bunch of tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 71 solo tackles and 144 total tackles.

OLB Azeez Al-Shaair, Hillsborough 2015 – Another big season for the Hillsborough Terriers. 4 sacks, 87 solo, 126 tackles, 22 TFL, 2 CF was staggering. Played multiple LB positions. Most productive on the outside.

OLB Carson Lydon, East Lake 2015 – Possibly the most physically imposing defender in Pinellas County. 3 sacks, 74 solo, 93 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 CF and a bunch of jaw shattering hits.

OLB Tavon Cox, Haines City 2016 – Blasted offensive players each and every game. His speed, length and physicality helped him total 4 sacks, 86 tackles and 20 TFL.

S Derwin James, Haines City 2015 – Missed 3 games due to injury. You wouldn’t be able to tell from his production: 4 INTs, 90 tackles and scored 7 defensive TDs. Imagine if he would have played the whole season.

S Delvin Austin, King 2016 – 9 interception? Yes 9! Hard to move the ball when Austin is peeling the ball out the sky. Add 45 tackles and that’s a big time season.

CB Aaron Covington, Armwood 2015 – The best corner in the area proved his worth. Covered every teams’ best receiver and limited their production. Finished the season with 6 INTs, 31 tackles, 16 pass defended.

CB Demetrius Mann, King 2015 – Made it difficult on QBs to complete passes, 5 INTs. and 7 knocked down passes. Was solid in run support, 55 tackles.

UTL Derrick Baity, Plant 2015 – Plant needed another receiving threat and recruited on the defensive side of the ball. Baity led the team with 730 receiving yards, 837 All-purpose yards 7 TDs. As a corner, 66 total tackles, 4 INTs.

ATH Joshua Dunn, Lake Wales 2016 – Played every position on defense except defensive line; 3 INTs, 67 tackles, 8 sacks. Also played receiver and running back. His football IQ and athleticism was much needed during the Highlander’s injury filled season.

ATH Stephon Williams, Calvary Christian 2015 – Transferred from St. Petersburg Catholic and continued balling in his new colors. 1138 rushing yards, 15 TDs. On defense he was a menace to the offense with 93 tackles and 6 sacks.

P Heath Grady, Freedom 2015 – 47 punts, 45.1 average, changed the field position for the defense over and over. A pure weapon.

2nd Team Offense

PSQB Caleb Lewis, Victory Christian 2015 – 186 ypg, 0.58%, 2613 yards, 32 TDs

DTQB Noah Johnson, Armwood 2015 – .60%, 1458 pass yards, 802 rush yards, 39 total TDs

RB Patrick Brooks, Plant 2015 – 1404 yards, 10 ypr, 12 TDs

RB AJ Davis, Lakeland 2017 – 1368 yards, 8.4 ypr, 15 TDs

RB Corey Bennett, Blake 2015 – 1321 yards, 5.6 ypr, 9 TDs

WR Larenz Deshazor , Lakeland Christian 2017 – 959 yards, 53 catches , 12 TDs

WR Rudy Dawson, Hillsborough 2016 – 944 yards, 71 catches, 7 TDs

WR Jacob Mathis, Berkeley Prep 2016 – 901 yards, 60 catches, 13 TDs

TE Trevor Okuniewski, East Lake 2015 – 335 yards, 18 catches, 3 TDs

OT Michael Wiggs, Lake Gibson 2016

OT Evan Montreuil, Armwood 2016

OG Romello Sekura, Winter Haven 2015

OG Caleb Holley, East Bay 2015

OC Luke Hiers, Lake Wales 2015

UTL Todd Sims, Spoto 2015 – 1787 all-purpose yards, 16 total TDs, 40 tackles, 3 INTs

ATH Jacquan Fuller, Indian Rocks Christian 2015 – 1207 rush yards, 18 rushing TDs, 1608 all-purpose yards, 58 tackles, 3 INTs

ATH Garrett Young, Cambridge Christian 2015 – 3145 total yards, 17 rushing TDs, 27 pass TDs

PK Brendan Gonzalez, Jesuit 2016 – 10/14 FG 38 long, 33/34 PAT

R Ryan Sass, Brandon 2016 – 327 KOR yards, 224 PR yards, 2 total TDs

2nd Team Defense

DE Xavier Christian, Lake Gibson 2015 – 9 sacks, 58 tackles, 12 TFL

DE Shawn Torres, Gaither 2015 – 11 sacks, 81 tackles, 23 TFL

DE Tyler Jahn, Bloomingdale 2015 – 9 sacks, 98 tackles, 25.5 TFL

DT Justin Andrews, Kathleen 2016 – 8 sacks, 65 tackles, 12 TFL

DT Fisher Jones, Indian Rocks Christian 2015 – 18.5 sacks, 46 tackles, 10 TFL

DT Bo Peek, Berkeley Prep 2016 – 3.5 sacks, 42 tackles, 23 TFL

ILB Nick Mosco, Jesuit 2017 – 53 solo, 117 tackles, 11 TFL, 2 CF

ILB Kelvin Broome, Lakeland 2016 – 42 solo, 88 tackles, 23.5 TFL

ILB Jake Hansen, East Lake 2016 – 3 sacks, 86 solo, 126 tackles, 3 TFLs

OLB Jaylyn McKinney, Victory Christian 2015 – 9 sacks, 49 solo, 79 tackles, 16 TFL, 9 CF

OLB James Vrionis, Jesuit 2015 – 2 sacks, 45 solo, 86 tackles, 18 TFL, 2 CF

OLB Cameron Miller, Sickles 2016 – 14.5 sacks, 66 solo, 95 tackles, 11 TFLs, 3 CF

S Johayward Bradshaw, Plant 2016 – 2 INTs, 110 tackles, 3 sacks

S Marchalo Judge, Tampa Bay Tech 2016 – 4 INTs, 117 tackles, 15 TFL

CB Aaron Cox, Freedom 2015 – 6 INTs, 25 tackles

CB Javon Hammond, Gaither 2015 – 6 INTs, 33 tackles, 4 PD

UTL Trevor Duke, River Ridge 2015 – 792 all-purpose yards, 135 tackles, 32 PD, 2 INTs

ATH Brice Ford, Victory Christian 2015 – 503 all-purpose, 6 TDs, 68 tackles, 7 INTs

ATH Kaleel Gaines, Frostproof 2015 – Two-way starter, 3 INTs, 42 tackles

P Zachary Lehman, Clearwater 2016 – 45 avg, 30 punts

3rd Team Offense

PSQB Tyrie Adams, Dixie Hollins 2015 – 214 ypg, 0.63%, 2802 yards, 30 TD passes

DTQB Keshaun Peters, Gulf 2015 – .67%, 2202 pass yards, 898 rushing yards, 29 total TDs

RB Michael Ford, Tarpon Springs 2015 – 1290 yards, 5.3 ypr, 13 TDs

RB Willie Parker, Carrollwood Day 2015 – 1237 yards, 9.3 ypr, 12 TDs

RB Thomas Boles, Lake Gibson 2015 – 1224 yards, 6.8 ypr, 14 TDs

WR Logan Crouse, Bloomingdale 2015 – 931 yards, 49 catches, 5 TDs

WR Doug Sandberg, Bloomingdale 2015 – 905 yards, 53 catches, 7 TDs

WR Trenton Soto, Fivay 2015 – 872 yards, 46 catches, 13 TDs

TE Tristan Ferlita, Alonso 2016 – 266 yards, 17 catches, 3 TDs

OT Guy Revelle, Jesuit 2015

OT Kensie Davis, Durant 2015

OG Zach Castle, East Lake 2015

OG Bryce Benjamin, Berkeley Prep 2015

OC Andrew Basham, Berkeley Prep 2015

UTL George Campbell, East Lake 2015 – 880 rec yards, 977 all-purpose yards, 4 sacks

ATH Marcellus Ware, Pinellas Park 2015 – 1180 Rushing Yards – Only played RB 2nd half of the season

ATH Ryan Fulse, Fort Meade 2015 – 1146 rushing yards, 12 TDs

PK Louis Zervos, Tarpon Springs 2015 – 6/9 FG, long 45 yards, 35/37 PAT

R Jonte Scott, Anclote 2015 – 21.2 KOR average, 13.1 PR, 2 total TDs

3rd Team Defense

DE Joe Schiano, Berkeley Prep 2015 – 4.5 sacks, 90 tackles, 30 TFL

DE Marques Ford, East Bay 2015 – 5 sacks, 49 tackles, 15.5 TFL

DE Jackie Moore, Jefferson 2016 – 10 sacks, 58 tackles, 13 TFL

DT Andres Bautista, Steinbrenner 2015 – 9 sacks, 82 tackles, 15 TFL

DT Kyle Henderson, Plant 2015 – 1 sack, 90 tackles, 37 TFL

DT Andrew Ivie, Pasco 2015 – 5 sacks, 59 tackles, 9 TFL

ILB Jeremy Martinez, Alonso 2015 – 3 sacks, 83 solo, 122 tackles, 8 TFL, 2 CF

ILB Cody Endris, Tampa Catholic 2015 – 0.5 sacks, 72 solo, 135 tackles, 7 TFL, 4 CF

ILB Steven Ogletree, Plant City 2017 – 2 sacks, 71 solo, 118 tackles, 6 TFL, 3 CF

OLB Demetrius Brown, Lake Gibson 2015 – 65 solo, 122 tackles, 10 TFL, 1 CF

OLB Artonyo Lee, Zephyrhills 2016 – 1 sacks, 89 solo, 139 tackles, 11 TFLs, 4 CF

OLB Patrick Colleran, Plant City 2015 – 2.5 sacks, 66 solo , 134 tackles, 7 TFL, 4 CF

S Justin Strnad, East Lake 2015 – 73 tackles, 3 INTs, 3 TFL, 7 PD

S Demetri Royer, Clearwater Central Catholic 2015 – 2 INTs, 124 tackles, 10 PD

CB Chris Angulo, East Bay 2015 – 3 INTs, 26 tackles

CB Derrick Powell, Cambridge Christian 2018 – 5 INTs, 21 tackles, 9 PD

UTL Lorine Parker, Zephyrhills 2015 – 501 rushing yards, 5 rush TDs, 63 total tackles, 9 sacks

ATH Jordan Williams, Dunedin 2015 – 1263 all-purpose yards, 18 solo tackles, 2 INTs

ATH Jonathan Crawford, Largo 2015 – 2 INTs, 75 tackles

P Zach Gleaton, Zephyrhills 2015 – 44.6 avg, 28 punts