2011 All BCP

Alvin Bailey

Player of the Year – Alvin Bailey (QB/WR), Armwood High School
We’ve gushed and guffawed over this young man all season and it’s been warranted. Without the precision strike capability and clutch gene which he possesses the Hawks are sans rings. Throughout the season it’s been Alvin’s ability to choke out opponents with his blink-and-you-miss antics on the field. He’s “Player” of the Year because he’s simply put; a playmaker. From the QB position he accounted for just below 900 yards passing in only 74 attempts with 14 touchdowns. He rushed for just over 800 yards accounting for another 6 TD’s and for good measure caught 24 passes for 415 yards and 3 TD’s. His beastmode game was vs. Lakewood Ranch in which he accounted for all 5 TD’s and over 300+ total yards. Whether at QB or WR his big plays were always coming at the right time for the Hawks and would either start or finish the death roll that the Hawks used in quick bursts to put opponents away during the regular season.

Funny thing; the last name Bailey at Armwood has been synonymous with BMW, it’s the name of a beverage for your coffee to help “liven” the spirit and it’s part of one of the greatest circus acts on the planet. By the time that Bailey gets to the end of his senior year, he will have been more coveted than the 745i, his plays leave you giddier than 5 Irish Coffee’s and his ability to show up for the biggest moments will have forced a rebranding to include The Alvin Bailey and Ringling Brothers Circus Company. Not to mention his second-calling in life is to be the ringleader. His personality is infectious and will charm any fanbase he gets to represent at the next level. Luckily that fan base is us for another year.

Offensive Player of the Year – Nelson Agholor (ATH), Berkley Preparatory School
This just in; 2, 104 yards and 30 TD’s is ballin’ you guys. Most of you aren’t on Twitter, but if you were just imagine every time you hit refresh on your timeline you see the tweet:
[“Nelson Agholor takes it to the house. Touchdown Berkeley Prep.”]
Agholor rushed for a minimum 2 Touchdowns 9 out of Berkeley’s 12 games this season. He was also held to under 100 yards only three times this season. Check out some these stat lines:
12c-126yd-2TD, 11c-207yd-4TD, 18c-118yd-3TD, 9c-160yd-3TD, 23c-171yd-3TD, 24c-305yd-2TD, 21c-280yd-3TD, 32c-205yd-2TD….
The argument for playing against smaller schools as a pad for stats doesn’t apply to Nelson. I don’t think there’s anyone in the entire State of Florida that wouldn’t have this young man either lined up at the RB position, the WR position, or in a position of leadership in student government, or in their community, or…(you see where we’re going?) on their roster. He is without a doubt, the unanimous choice for BCP’s Offensive Player of the Year.

Defensive Player of the Year – Mike Tate (LB), Plant High School
HEY! You looking for the honey badger? He doesn’t live in Baton Rouge you guys. He’s lurking the jungle lined streets of South Tampa. He does not give regards to how your offensive players feel, nor cares for your schemes. You may try and stop the honey badger with your double teams or your chop blocks, but this will only make the honey badger angry. If you need any sort of additional justification that this is one of the baddest young men in Hillsborough, he’s got his own sandwich named after him and it’s just like he is which is pretty freaking intense and without any weaknesses. He also gets love from the inner-city of Miami for the whole world to see. To put it bluntly, this dude’s a bad mofo.

How’s 210 tackles (112 unassisted) sound? How about registering double-digit tackles in 13 of his 15 games? How about in seven of those games he had 16 or more tackles? How about averaging 16 tackles a game during Plant’s run to a title? Not convinced? He also tallied 13 sacks, 2 INT’s and was a catalyst for other guys around him to make plays once teams figured out they were screwed if they didn’t account for him at some point. One of the fiercest competitors on the field you will find, it’s like watching something of hybrid between the Tasmanian devil and a Cobra. Then again, he’s the honey badger. You know how the saying goes….

Specialist of the Year – Vinnie Capobianco (WR/DB), Indian Rocks Christian School
When you lead the State of Florida in return yards, it doesn’t really matter WHAT or WHO or WHERE you play, that’s pretty darn good. Special Teams are a pain to decipher due to sometimes incomplete definitions about what a “specialist” actually is. In this case, it’s about what you did whenever you touched the ball and Copobianco amassed 890 total return yards putting him #1 in Florida and a couple of hundred yards in front of Robinson’s own Byron Pringle. Copobianco also made 4 house calls (TD’s) and would start his offense in scoring position virtually every time the Eagles took the field. This is one of the reasons why the Eagles were one of the best in scoring yet middle of the pack in total yards in Pinellas County. It’s hard to have gaudy yardage when you’re constantly starting with short fields.

Coach of the Year – Sean Callahan, Armwood High School
How do you even begin to pick someone for this category is admittedly way beyond my comprehension? There’s so many people deserving of this title, but when you go the entire season without a defeat and bring home the hardware and you’re the only one that can claim that, well then you’re the BCP Coach of the Year. Coach Cal has weathered the storm of last year’s disappointing finish and (along with his staff) got a group of talented and self-confident teenagers to refocus and recapture. He’s accomplished things in Hillsborough County that many will never. He also has 3 State Championships and a mythical National Championship.
Callahan put his team on a plane to Las Vegas without his full arsenal of weapons, saw them nearly collapse, but kept them calm in the storm and brought home a win on nationally televised stage. During the season Callahan was faced with untimely injuries to key players and ill-timed investigations and allegations; yet every step of the way the Hawks have stayed ahead on the scoreboard and the field where it matters the most. He’s not the most diplomatic; he’s not the most cordial. What he is though is a state champion and a damn fine football coach. For this, he’s earned the right to be titled the Big County Preps Coach of the Year.

Tyler Lane

1st Team Offense
QB James Few, Plant, 2012 | It’s not always what you do, but how you do it. In this case, Few did it completing 65% of his passes, 2513 yards, 29TDs and a State Championship.
RB Tyler Lane, East Lake, 2012 | 17 carries per game, for 13 games = durability. Posting 1518 yards = effective. Nine 100 yard games and 7 multi TD games = Dangerous
RB Xavier Johnson, Chamberlain, 2013 | When you a junior tailback and rush for 1568 yards on a 1-9 team, when the opponent knows that the tail back is pretty much the only option, that is impressive.
WR Artavis Scott, East Lake, 2014 | So talented and so young, but just a monster on the field. 54 receptions for 1158 yards tops the Bay Area!
WR Kenyatta Merriex, Tarpon Springs, 2013 | Many times, the smallest player between the sidelines. Yet, many times has the biggest impact. 57 receptions for 1021 yards and 4 TDs.
WR Rodney Adams, Lakewood, 2013 | It would be easy to say “Where did this guys come from?” But we knew he would wreck shop after his BCP Ignite combine showing. 25 catches, 819 yards, 10 TDs.
TE Sean Culkin, Indian Rocks Christian, 2012 | 18 TDs, averaged 18 yards per catch and 89 yards per game. Just a big, athletic target who produced 6 games with over 90 receiving yards.
OL Keith Weeks, Newsome, 2012 | Technique sound, anchor of the Newsome offensive line. Little credit, highly depended on. Newsome’s MVP!
OL Cameron Dees, Armwood, 2012 | When an offensive coordinator has a center who can pull and become a lead blocker on a perimeter run play = dangerous playbook.
OL Mason Cole, East Lake, 2014 | Will be one of the best offensive tackles to be recruited from Tampa Bay. Great feet and athleticism.
OL Cody Waldrop, Armwood, 2012 | When talking linemen, the term is “He has that dog in him”. That means, he gets after it. Waldrop is nasty!
OL Kevin McCoy, Armwood, 2012 | McCoy may have received the least amount of attention of the stud Hawk offensive line, but his play screamed baller.
Utility Will Worth, Newsome, 2013 | Back in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, the QB doubling as an LB wasn’t unheard of. Worth: 925 pass yrd, 1020 rush yrd, 19 total TDs and 74 total tackles
ATH Billy Pavlock, Palm Harbor, 2012 | His name was in the running for player of the year. Pavlock can do it all and his numbers back up that statement, 1336 pass yrd, 610 rush yrd, 24 total TDs
PK Grant Van Aman, Plant, 2012 | 62 total points, 36 PATs and 11 made FGs.
R Byron Pringle, Robinson, 2012 | This is how you bounce back from missing the 2010 season: PR-11 for 204 yards and 18.6 yard avg. KOR-11 for 374 and 34 yard avg.

Jordan Sherit

1st Team Defense
Pos. Name, School, Class | Stats
DE Jordan Sherit, Hillsborough, 2013 | Just unstoppable. It’s rare for a DE to total 110 total tackles (64 solo). Add those to 9 sacks, 5 fumble recoveries and 1 pass defended, Sherit is a PROBLEM!
DE Tyriq McCord, Jefferson, 2012 | McCord ends a tremendous career with 59 solo tackles and an impressive 11.5 sacks and 3 caused fumbles. Teams did everything they could to stop him, run away from him. Didn’t work much.
DT Allen Covington, Armwood, 2012 | Covington averaged just under 7 tackles per game, tied for a team leading 11 sacks, had 1 interception, 5 knock down passes.
DT Michael Dvornik, Plant, 2012 | When a play needed to be made, M.D. had had more tricks than a magic show using one of either his 35 solo tkls, 86 total tkls, 35 TFLs or 13 sacks.
LB Brendan Goettel, East Lake, 2014 | Get use to hearing the name. He is a must see. “Baby Mike Tate” would be an appropriate nickname, but “BG” will make 111 solo tackles, 2 sacks, 2 INTs and 2 CF earn him his own nickname.
LB Eric Striker, Armwood, 2012 | The name “Striker” should get him 1st team honors alone right? Do we really need stats to show this kids impact? Armwood’s career sack leader posted 11 sacks and 95 total tackles this season, along with tons of chaos causing plays.
LB Idris Coleman, Spoto, 2012 | These numbers should be illegal: 74 solo/128 total tackles, 11 tackles per game, 9 sacks, 3 interceptions, 1 fum recovery and 4 caused fumbles. Involved in 8 turnovers
LB Josh Scarberry, Gaither, 2012 | Hillsborough County’s sack leader was the heart of Cowboy football. His 82 solo tackles, 14 sacks and 3 caused fumbles made him the foundation of a surging Gaither defense.
S Drew Madhu, Plant, 2012 | The Stanford commit is one of the best safeties the county has seen. He is a pleasure to watch perform: 50 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT and 12 pass break ups
S Leon McQuay, Armwood, 2013 | Make plays, make plays during big moments, make plays in big games. This just in, McQuay is a stud, but his play tells you better than we can. 59 tackles, 4 interceptions, 9 PBUs and 2 turnovers for touchdowns.
CB Keenan Stalls, Plant, 2012 | Stalls slowly became a force for the Plant secondary. He tackled (40 solo), he created turnovers (6 INTs, 1 CF, 1 FF) and he defended (20 PBUs).
CB Gary Simon, Gibbs, 2012 | Gary did so much for his team, he could have received 3 different 1st team honors. But, this one best suited his 7 interceptions, 24 pass break ups and 35 solo tackles.
Utility David Jones, St. Petersburg, 2012 | Throwback player, best describes Jones. Whatever needs to get done, call on #12. Let these soak in…875 rush yards, 337 receiving yards, 505 return yards, 81 total tackles and 3 interceptions. We knew you would understand.
ATH Jeremi Powell, Pinellas Park, 2012 | He played LB, DE, DT and S for the Patriots and was the best player on the field every single game. 89 solo tackles, 128 total tackles, 19 BIG sacks, 5 force fumbles and 3 pass breaks ups.
P Kody Thomas, Robinson, 2012 | 22 punts for 916 yards, 42 yard average and 5 punts placed inside the 20 yard line. Great leg and a defensive weapon.

2nd Team Offense
Pos. Name, School, Class | Stats
QB Pete Dinovo, East Lake, 2013 | 170-251 2426 yards 19 TD 9 INT
RB Brent O’Neal, Canterbury, 2012 | 192 carries 1939 yards 25 TD // 14 rec 355 yards 4 TD
RB Robert Davis, Carrollwood Day, 2013 | 138 carries 1832 yards 25 TD
WR Carlo Perello, Gaither, 2012 | 43 rec 792 yards 8 TD
WR Chris Murray, King, 2012 | 38 rec 873 yards 9 TD
WR Adam Posateri, Bloomingdale, 2013 | 45 rec 781 yards 10 TD
TE Dasean Thomas, Canterbury, 2012 | 40 rec 742 yards 10 TD
OL Cameron Ruff, Jesuit, 2013
OL Isaiah Wynn, Lakewood, 2014
OL Nathan Shienle, Plant, 2012
OL Richy Klepal, Plant, 2013
OL Robert Gibbons, Jesuit, 2012
Utility Ryan Green, St. Petersburg Catholic, 2013 | 21 total TD 1167 rush yards 16 TD .. 2 punt and 2 kick returns for TD .. 10 rec 143 yards 1 TD..52 tkls
ATH Clunder LaCount, Tampa Bay Tech, 2012 | 172 carries 1132 yards 7 TD // 38 rec 511 yards 3 TD // 372 return yards
PK Sebastian Gonzalez, East Lake, 2012 | 39 PAT 10 FG
R Derrick Doss, Largo, 2013 | 577 return yards 2 TD

2nd Team Defense
Pos. Name, School, Class | Stats
DE Patrick Wright, Plant, 2012 | 41 solo tkls 96 total tkls 11 Sacks 1 PD
DE Mike Love, Countryside, 2013 | 50 solo tkls 56 total tkls 14.5 Sacks 3 FF
DT Taylor Timmons, Tampa Catholic, 2012 | 30 solo tkls 76 total tkls 4 Sacks 1 PD 1 FR 5 FF
DT Sheldon Lewinson, Armwood, 2012 | 48 solo tkls 76 total tkls 4 Sacks 3 FR 1 FF
LB Schyler Miles, Berkeley Prep, 2012 | 60 solo tkls 123 total tkls 4 Sacks 2 PD 2FR 4 FF
LB Keionne Baines, Armwood, 2012 | 82 solo tkls 148 total tkls 4 Sacks 3 INT 6 PD 1 FR 3 FF
LB Desmond Ford, Spoto, 2012 | 60 solo tkls 108 total tkls 12 Sacks 5 FR 3 FF 1 blk FG
LB Reeves Rogers, Plant, 2013 | 62 solo tkls134 total tkls 7 Sacks 1 INT 9 PD 2 FR 1 FF
S Devin Abraham, East Lake, 2014 | 67 solo tkls 90 total tkls 5 INT 5 PD 1 FR 1 FF
S Adekunle Olusanya, Sickles, 2013 | 53 solo tkls 93 total tkls 2 INT 1 PD 1 FR 1 FF
CB Armani Sampson, Tampa Bay Tech., 2012 | 21 solo tkls 38 total tkls 7 INT 16 PD 1 kick return TD // 1 INT return TD
CB Antonio Crawford, Plant, 2012 | 38 solo tkls 61 total tkls 4 INT 1 FF 8 total TD
Utility Justin Goodloe, Clearwater Central, 2012 | 56 solo tkls 85 total tkls 2 Sacks 3 PD 2 FR 7 FF // 150 carries 1374 yards 12 TD // 15 rec 171 yards 2 TD
ATH Vernon Hargreaves, Wharton, 2013 | 31 solo tkls 49 total tkls 1 Sack 2 INT 3 PD 1 FR 3 blk FG // 30 carries 208 yards 5 TD // 9 rec 266 yards 3 TD // 313 return yards // 11 total TD
P Neal MacInnes, Chamberlain, 2012 | 29 punts 1206 yards (42 avg yd/punt) 6 inside 20

3rd Team Offense
Pos. Name, School, Class | Stats
QB Bennie Coney, Plant City, 2012 | 127-214 2297 yards 30 TD 7 INT // 290 rush yards 2 TD
RB Wesley Bullock, Plant, 2013 | 179 carries 1308 yards 12 TD // 29 rec 403 yards 4 TD
RB Diomi Roberts, Countryside, 2012 | 163 carries 1294 yards 21 TD // 14 rec 182 yards
WR Dondre Daley, Tarpon Springs, 2012 | 42 rec 684 yards 10 TD
WR Austin Aikens, Plant, 2012 | 37 rec 704 yards 11 TD
WR Brandon Leston, Clearwater, 2012 | 45 rec 725 yards 8 TD
TE Stephen Buric, East Lake, 2012 | 38 rec 496 yards 2 TD
OL Corey Martinez, Tampa Catholic, 2014
OL Jack Lightsey, Armwood, 2012
OL Christian Freeman, Tampa Catholic, 2013
OL Brandon Tilling, Armwood, 2012
OL Alex Vega, Steinbrenner, 2012
Utility Robbie Robertson, Cambridge, 2013 | 64 rec 903 yards 11 TD // 23 carries 209 yards 1 TD // 57 solo tkls 70 total tkls 4 Sacks 4 INT 2 PD 4 FR 1 FF
ATH Brandon Holloway, Alonso, 2012 | 131 carries 907 yards 10 TD // 18 rec 302 yards 5 TD
PK Ryan Pandy, Countryside, 2013 | 43 PAT 6 FG
R William Watson, Jefferson, 2012 | 555 return yards 1 TD

3rd Team Defense
Pos. Name, School, Class | Stats
DE Josh Black, Sickles, 2014 | 26 solo tkls 55 otal tkls 9 Sacks 2 PD 1 FR 4 FF 1 blk pnt 1 blk FG
DE Chris McCrary, St. Petersburg, 2012 | 40 solo tkls 81 total tkls 7 Sacks
DT Kieran Pettus, East Bay, 2012 | 21 TFL 84 total tkls 6 Sacks 5 FF 1 INT
DT Mikhail Reece, Gaither, 2012 | 43 solo tkls 87 total tkls 5.5 Sacks 2 FR 1 FF
LB Nick Sampson, Gaither, 2012 | 62 solo tkls 123 total tkls 11.5 Sacks 4 FR 3 FF
LB Marcus Newman, Alonso, 2012 | 54 solo tkls 110 total tkls 7 Sacks 2 PD 1 FR 3 FF
LB Tate Rogers, Plant, 2012 | 60 solo tkls 126 total tkls 9 Sacks 2 PD 3 FR 2 FF
LB Amiri Brown, Steinbrenner, 2013 | 54 solo tkls 93 total tkls 1 INT 7 Sacks 3 FF 3 FR
S Carlin Scott, Chamberlain, 2012 | 61 solo tkls 104 total tkls 1 Sack 3 PD 1 FF 2 blk pnts 2 blk FGs
S Lil Robert Wilson, Hillsborough, 2013 | 38 solo tkls 75 total tkls 6 INT 4 PD
CB Jarvis McCall, Armwood, 2012 | 25 solo tkls 28 total tkls 5 INT 4 PD 2 FR 5 FF
CB Tyler McCollum, Gaither, 2012 | 31 solo tkls 52 total tkls 1 Sack 5 INT 1 FF 1 Blk FG
Utility Iman Smith, Pinellas Park, 2012 | 62 solo tkls 107 total tkls 3 Sacks 6 PD 5 FF // 19 rec 303 yards 6 TD
ATH Darrin Morris, Spoto, 2012 | 71 solo tkls 128 total tkls 11.5 Sacks 4 PD 4 FR 6 FF 6 blk pnts
P Sean Covington, St. Petersburg, 2013 | 22 punts 951 yards (43 avg/punt) 3 inside 20 // long punt 72 yards